I ❤ Jack

24If any of you really know me, you know that patience is not one of my strong points (FYI: I am working on it and increasingly becoming more patient).  Anyways, that being said, I made a splurge of a decision the other day to NOT wait to see the new season of 24 whenever it is that I am back in the states again.  My dad was DVR’ing the episodes, but it could be years (who really knows) until I am able to actually watch them.  Not to mention all the people (aka: my sister) on fb who consistantly update their status with 24 information.  

EX: “24 tonight, can’t wait!” or “what an amazing episode last night!” etc.

Enough is enough.  So I subscribed to the ‘season pass’ and download the episode each week.  Who cares if I have no money for food as long as I have my weekly intake of Jack Bauer….right?!? (I know, that might be a little over the top with exaggeration, but it was a costly dime for the entire season.)

I am currently on episode eight: 3:00-4:00, only seven behind everyone else.  I guess we all have our weaknesses, and this is mine.  (Though, I do believe that knowledge such as using my SIM card to create a device in which I am able to control traffic lights and signals will be a huge benefit to me one day.  I am in the process of perfecting my skills as we speak.)

Oh… And yes, this is a picture of one of my ‘flairs’ from fb.  I think I’m bordering on obsession now…..

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5 responses to “I ❤ Jack

  • annie

    Oooohhhhh. When you develop that device for traffic lights, let me know. Or rather – I’ll definitely collaborate if needed.

    Our city has some kind of a general utility bill that each resident has to pay (not for the house, just … to the city), and one of the things listed that we’re paying for is “traffic lights.” When we got the first one in the mail, I looked at it and said, “So if we don’t pay it does that mean we don’t have to use them?” 😉

    yeah. me and traffic lights just don’t get along too well.

  • kristiapplesauce

    I seriously have no idea what you are talking about. But here in SA my husband and I just started watching season two so we are way behind. We heart Jack too. I am pretty sure my groom has a man crush.

  • Katie

    it’s SO good! I can’t wait for you to see it.

    I’ve missed a couple seasons, but i just watched this one over the last week (can we say couch potato…).

    it was AMAZING!

  • alece

    i have a crush on jack.

    and i’ve been watching the current season for free on hulu.com.

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