Homeless, but not brainless

Today when I was walking down Ben Yehuda St. I saw something that made me uncomfortable, yet smile a bit inside.

Seeing homeless people asking for money is nothing new; its a sad situation to say the least, which encompasses the city. Today, though, I saw something that I haven’t seen before.  There sitting right next to the most popular ATM on the street was a young homeless woman, probably in her 20’s/30’s asking for money.  As they say in business, location is everything, and this woman definitely picked up on that tid-bit.  There are frequently homeless men sitting outside grocery stores or liquer stores, but never have I seen anyone sitting right beside the ATM. 

My initial response was that of personal discomfort.  I immediately thought, “I’m so glad I don’t have to take any money out today.” This led me to feelings of guilt and remorse for even thinking about myself, when clearly here was a woman with much bigger problems than I have.  My guilt then changed over to feeling sorry for her and her current situation.  I often wonder what choices led to becoming homeless, no matter who I pass on the street.

As I looked back at her I noticed that she was talking to a man who had the courage to make a withdraw from the ATM, and I suddenly smiled.  It wasn’t a smile out of happiness or joy, but it wasn’t an evil smile either.  It was just a smile…knowing that even in the state of life this girl was in, she still had the brains to choose a place where there was definitely a lot what she needed….MONEY!

I don’t know if she was successful or not, but I do know one thing.  There is no way I could ever take out money with a homeless woman sitting right next to me with NOTHING, and walk away without giving her at least SOMETHING.

…Maybe this was what HE thought every time HE walked by someone who was crippled, blind, deaf, or sick.  And HE actually did something about it…   

when will we learn from HIS example??? (especially me)


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10 responses to “Homeless, but not brainless

  • Jean

    So true. Thanks for this encouragement. May we never grow callous to the suffering of this world and His heart for them.

  • Joseph

    great blog post…

    I cannot tell you how many times I have walked by a homeless person in Nashville and felt uncomfortable…it kills me…especially when I have the ability to do something about it.

    Once, when growing up in Seattle, me and some High School friends started up a conversation with a homeless man. We were amazed to find out that this person had once been a Prof at the Univ of Washington and just gave up after his wife divorced him and left with the kids. He said he had found comfort on the streets simply because there was no pressure and no expectations.

    You have made me re-think how I might next approach a homeless person.


  • Jennifer

    I went through a similiar situation this past weekend as I had went to Denver, Colorado for a quick vacation. I had never been there and it was very eye opening to see all the homeless people that walked the downtown area. I was sad and wonder too what had put them in this situation and what I could do to help make someones day a little brighter. It might not have been much but after lunch one day my husband and I left a pizza on a park bench for some lucky person to also enjoy lunch that day.

    Thanks for sharing and reminding us all how fortunate we are to have a roof over our heads and food to eat.
    God is good.

  • Mom

    Another brilliant piece of writing. Food for thought and a swallow or two of conviction! You must look through life many times through the “blog lens” as I see use the scrapbooking lens. In fact, this morning we woke up to snow covering the ground. It was the wet snow that sticks to the trees and fences to cover everything with the pretty white blanket. Not that we want to pull that blanket up again but I knew it wouldn’t last long. After taking Tasha for a walk out back, I went in the house to grab the camera. Had to take some pictures for my “spring collection”. Never know when I may want to make up a little spring scrapbook for this year. Like I don’t already have enough albums waiting to be done but such is the thinking for a “scrapper”!!

  • Pam

    Great thoughts.

  • ksa

    Haha, I see that everyday. We have an old woman who sits right across from the bank machine on campus. I can’t tell you how many times I have thought Location, Location, Location. As you said it always works when I am around.

  • Katie

    good reminder!

    (oh, and i like your new header photo!!).

  • annie

    Powerful. This woman reminds me of the Samaritan woman who came to him for her daughter. She knew where the source was, and went right to it. This post really moved me.

  • Luke Hutton

    Great story!!

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