Newbies at my table…

Today at soup kitchen for the homeless I didn’t have the usual group of Russian guys that I normally seem to get. (I jokenly named them the Russian Mofia, as they always sit at the same table with the same group of guys each week, speaking in Russian and basically talking to no one else…even though they are extremely sweet.)  

No, this week I had a group of Sudanese men who all speak Arabic, with one being the official translator for the group (he spoke Hebrew as well).  I was immediately curious as to why they were there when most of the Sudanese do not live in the area.  I didn’t want to just come out and ask them, so I waited till the end of the meal when we were serving them coffee.

I got up the nerve to break out my Hebrew and have a conversation.  It was give and go at times, but mostly it was a great talk.  We talked a bit about our connection of Africa, though I was in the south and they are from the north/central.  He told me a little about their families and why they were in Israel.  Overall, I was glad to have them at my table today (though I must admit I missed my RM a bit).  

For a while now I have been wrestling with the idea of starting a program for Sudanese children.  I know there is a huge need here to help them, but I just didn’t realize how big that need was until after today.  

I left thinking how awesome God works. He takes puzzle pieces, one-by-one, and begins putting them together; even when we have no idea what the puzzle will look like in the end. 

Out of all the tables, they sat at mine.  That’s a puzzle piece if you ask me!

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6 responses to “Newbies at my table…

  • cathy

    How amazing to have some Sudanese people to be placed in your soup kitchen at your table !
    The rerun of “Touched by an Angel” was all about Sudanese children today also!
    It may be time to shine on Sudan …………

  • myheartresonateswithaglorioussound

    this is awesome
    (just came across your blog)

    do you know if their are any christian organizations already in place for Sudanese children?

    when I was in Egypt like two years ago for some reason I thought their was one.

  • Joseph

    definite puzzle piece…

    ironically enough we get a lot of Sudanese refugees in Nashville…not sure exactly why but the people I have met are absolutely lovely human beings. I find their stories inspiring, sad and amazing all at the same time.

    Keep us informed of the next puzzle pieces.

  • Andrea

    Awesome!! I love how God works and the amazing divine appointments He sets up.

    I’ve been talking about you a lot to my family the last few days. You are truly an inspiration, Maureen!

  • alece

    i love that you could carry on a convo in hebrew! rock it, girl.

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