Capturing Moments: Frishman Beach, Tel Aviv

Summer is quickly approaching…the sea of blue umbrellas is starting to appear on the beach.

dsc_88501(Picture taken by Dudu Azoulay)

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13 responses to “Capturing Moments: Frishman Beach, Tel Aviv

  • katie

    yay for the beach!!

    how is Nestea everywhere? it’s so gross…

  • annie

    I have a couple stories from the beach at Tel Aviv. 🙂

    * Got sunburnt.
    * Nearly drowned (earning a very puzzled expression from the guy I engaged to save me – as he was standing up in the water! Did I mention I’m short?)
    * Talked to a girl about praying in tongues.
    * Saw my first Israeli tow-truck. Great contraptions!

    And I did thoroughly enjoy myself. 😀 Not to mention getting a taxi to take us from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv for about $4. Taxis in America are a straight rip off!

  • moweezle

    Katie: What!?! How can u NOT like Nestea?? Peach Nestea is my favorite!!!

    Annie: A taxi to J-lem for $4??? Thats unheard of!!! A taxi from here just to the airport (also in TA) is like 80-100 shekels! That was a miracle for you!!!

  • moweezle

    (maybe you took a sherrut. They are 22 shekels to j-lem)

  • Joseph

    aaaahhhh…summer…love this time of year. got some time on the boat this weekend and LOVED it.

  • Mom

    Do they rent these umbrella/chairs or is it first come, first serve, or is this in an area that belongs to hotel or something? What is it going to be like when the summer season really hits!?

  • annie

    Mo – It’s possible. I didn’t hire it, our professor did, so perhaps he knew more. There were 4 of us in it as well, so we split the cost four ways. But still!!!!!

  • annie

    It did seem like a taxi, though. Small car. Not a bus or anything. Yeah – for a 45 minute drive across Israel, I thought it was unbelievably cheap.

  • annie

    Although (sorry for all the repeat comments) any time we took a taxi anywhere it seemed pretty reasonable. Oh – and I love how the traffic lights in Israel have a yellow light going from red to green as well as from green to red. Genius! (I am rather in a constant state of frustration with traffic lights as it is.)

  • moweezle

    Mom: you have to pay for them, but its pretty cheap like in Rio…something like 5 shekels.

    Annie: He must have gotten a good deal, but then splitting 4 ways could have helped too. I know what you mean about the traffic lights. I love that too. Its so funny cuz here when it turns yellow everyone starts beeping to get you ready! hehehe. such patience!

  • Kelly

    I love your header! so cute!

  • Katherine

    This is bringing back memories of Rio! 🙂

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