When I’m in a funk I have a few fallbacks that I tend to lean on.  These either put a smile on my face, make me laugh, or put me in a comfort zone that tends to lull away the issues at hand.  My typical fallbacks are (but not limited to):

  • Friends episodes
  • The original Star Wars trilogy
  • Eating popcorn 
  • A long, hot bubble-bath
  • and my newest one…knitting (I just learned how to)

So, its no surprise that tonight I popped a bag of popcorn, put on the Best of Friends, Season 4, and made my way through some more rows on the scarf I’m working on. Even though my fallbacks are only temporary means to dull the pain, they do the job for the moment.  

What about you??? Any fallbacks that you tend to use in times of need?  I could always add to my list….


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10 responses to “Fallbacks

  • Ione Lake

    My friend gail would watch TV in her bedroom and crochet. I got a beautiful afgan and poncho out of it. I’m for chocolate or ice cream and a movie or a good book.

  • Joseph

    Option 1, Love to take the laptop, head to Starbucks or local brew, and write. It allows me to check out.
    Option 2, mow my lawn…sounds weird but I love to mow the lawn. No calls, no email….just me and my grass….plus I love the look when its done.
    Option 3, Hockey game…during NHL season, I have 41 nights a year I can head down to Sommet Center and scream at the Nashville Predators…hockey is my pure love in terms of sport and nothing gets my frustration or downs out then a good home win. A loss, doesn’t tend to help though 🙂
    Option 4, A big slice of cake…love a good yellow cake with chocolate frosting….yuuummmmmmeeee

  • Jon Zondervan

    renting Rocky four from Blockbuster and watching Ivan Drago get his butt kicked helps me. there’s nothing more motivating then watching Rocky do vertical sit ups while his trainer yells “no Pain”
    Maybe I should take up knitting?

  • Jessica

    work out! i always feel so much better afterwards. =)

  • Reggie

    hey friend…hope you are well. I just watched the original Star Wars trilogy & enjoyed popcorn and thought of you. Not sure i am into the bubble bath, and not too keen on learning to knit, but love “Friends”…wish i was there watching all of that with you!!!

  • moweezle

    Ione: for some reason I’m not a big chocolate fan, and I can’t eat ice cream hence the popcorn.

    Joseph: ohhhh, what I wouldn’t do for Starbucks right now AND a hockey game, but only a RED WINGS hockey game…the best team in the world!

    Jon: Rocky? Really? I can’t stand those movies. hehehe

    Jess: working out…yuck!

    Reg: I know, me too!

    Tim: If I had Alias, it would be right up there too, but unfortunately I don’t……YET! hehehe

  • annie

    Calm and quiet in the house, and me curling up with a good book. Preferably with a fresh breeze blowing through the room. Yum.

  • Mom

    Fall backs??? Never thought of it that way. But then I’m wired a bit different than you in that regards. Now that you have me thinking about that I would have to say… take a nap, read, take a walk, chocolate, bubble bath.

    • moweezle

      Yeah, well some people like to call them coping mechanisms, but I prefer to use a less ‘sit on my couch and let me use my psychology on you’ type terms…. hehehehee

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