Rain, Gloom, and Bathroom Dilemma

Its been rain and gloom since I arrived yesterday, needless to say I’ve been spending most of my time in my room…


I’ve traveled a lot over the years, so I know there are many different ways of living; but please help me out here.  How am I supposed to take a shower here….

dscf1726 without drenching everything here…






 Its a complicated issue, and requires  much skill in the showering arena.




The good news is that its supposed to clear up tomorrow, so  I can actually get out and explore the island.  After all, I have Colossus to find….. 🙂

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10 responses to “Rain, Gloom, and Bathroom Dilemma

  • Tim

    That is some shower. I would have the whole bathroom wet, if i tried to use it. Good Luck! Have a safe stay.

  • cathy

    HHHmmm tricky
    I see a drain in the floor outside the spacious shower area. I think you just shower and then the water goes down the drain and they come and dry off your bathroom.
    Just keep your clothes above flood level.
    Enjoy your day and I hope it is nicer so you can go do a little photography.
    Do they have maids that clean everyday?
    Thanks for sharing your travels with us.

  • katie

    i stayed in a hotel in rome that was like that. but, the toilet paper had a little cover that flipped over it so it didn’t get wet. the entire bathroom was soaked after every shower…no fun!!

    hope the weather clears up! I can’t wait to see photos!

  • Joseph

    Here is how you shower there….

    You take the pill which shrinks you down to 2 ft tall. Then the shower becomes huge and more spa like. After it is done, take the pill that makes you grow back to size and PRESTO…clean Mo.

    Why does this seam so hard?

  • moweezle

    Joseph: Well, if I was Alice then maybe yes, I could do that.

    Katie: The TP does have a cover 🙂

    Cathy: Yes, I thought that at first too, but usually there is also a squeegie to then push the water to the drain. hmmmm.

    Tim: I did get the whole bathroom wet (which is not difficult seeing that it is smaller than a closet). hehehe

  • Mom

    another travel experience. I just showed this to Shelly who has been to Italy and she said that all the rooms they stayed at had the showers like that. It’s the European thing.

  • chaim

    that’s not a shower, it’s a really low bath-tub. 🙂

  • Damon

    I’m picturing myself trying to navigate that shower at my larger-than-the-average-bear 6’3″ and it just isnt’ happening. 🙂 Happy Colossus-hunting!!

  • annie

    I think the trick is keeping the water at a very low trickle. The shower takes twice as long, and is twice as relaxing. er …

  • alece

    reminds me of the bathrooms in the formula 1 “hotels” in SA. ever been???

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