Getting My Butt Kicked

Thanks to an extremely generous friend, I was given a 6 month membership at the most amazing gym in the city. (It was actually his remaining time, but he recently moved back to the states so I gladly received his leftovers.) I have gone for the past two days, and while its been great to get back into shape, its also exhausting me.  

Here’s the thing.  I’ve never been one to work out (or exercise for that matter).  All the exercise I get is usually from playing sports or doing physical activity that I don’t consider “exercise”.  When people say they exercise to relieve stress or to calm themselves down I was usually the one who would balk at it….

….BUT I am finding that it IS helping me unwind.  I have been stressed out lately for various reasons, and before my Rhodes trip I had some rough going.  I found that after each time at the gym, I have felt less stressed!  Ummm, I’m not in tip-top shape and I come home immediately dropping on my bed until the shower warms up, but overall its really helping me.  

Soooooooo, my question for everyone today is this: Do you exercise or work out and for what reasons??? (And does it help?) 


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15 responses to “Getting My Butt Kicked

  • Katie

    I wish I was one of those people who found stress relief by working out. But, unfortunately, I’m the opposite…a bag or oreos or a pint of ice cream is usually my stress reliever of choice…

  • alece

    i’ve been going steady with Gym for a few months now. but i don’t love him. don’t think i ever will. i go out with him because i should. because i “have to”. because i’ve been trying forever to get back to my wedding weight. and because this is probably the only chance i’ll ever have to go out with such an elite guy. (Gym is seriously classy.)

    but i really don’t like it.

    i wish it were more of an outlet for me. that it felt like a release, that it were something i looked forward to (rather than dreaded)… hmph.

    i guess that’s why it’s called discipline, eh?

    • moweezle

      I’ve always dreaded it too! The thing for me is that I get so intimidated by all the ‘in shape’ people there, and it seems like everyone just stares at you all the time. I just said to myself, “self…just get over it. who cares about all these people anyways. you dont even know them.” and so I just do it and plug away with my music or fox news. hehehe.

      Its my little prep talk within my own head 🙂

    • alece

      a couple weeks ago i even started attending a zumba class. i’d never heard of it before but it’s kinda like a mix of salsa, merengue, and hip hop. i make a fool of my uncoordinated self, but by the end of the class i’m dripping with sweat and have had a full body workout. and i figure it beats spending an hour on the crosstrainer to get the same effect.

      yesterday’s class totally kicked my ace.

      • moweezle

        oh my goodness! I need to find this class, it sounds completely amazing and wonderful. We have classes too, but I haven’t tried any yet…maybe I should. I know zumba isn’t on the list, but there are many to choose from.

  • chaim

    i love working out! i love setting a cool playlist on my ipod and getting on the eliptical machine and just zoning out. it’s such a great release for me.

    the only hard part is getting my butt out of bed to actually get to the gym.

    but once i’m there, it does wonders for my mental and physical well being.

  • mattpeirce

    i love working out, I hate gyms. Running works for me 1) because I have done it forever and my body has adjusted to what it takes.
    2) I set goals for myself and I am competitive. I would of barely run in South Africa if I didn’t have a marathon looming ahead in my future.

    Exercise is give or take. When I want to go running it’s the best thing ever, and when I don’t well it stinks. All I can say is find something you enjoy and keep working at it until it becomes easy/fun for you. Doing the elliptical because you think you need to even though you hate it won’t work.

    Also I think people work themselves up to get motivated to go to the gym, kill themselves the first day or so and than when they get horribly sore they stop because it’s lame. Getting in shape takes time and effort. Go slow, try to be consistent and perhaps you’ll find what works for you.

  • Jean

    i’ve never really enjoyed working out at the gym….if i’m not having fun with it…i’ll soon get bored…sports are definitely my kind of work out or a nice long walk to clear my mind.

  • Katie

    ahhh the gym. I liked the gym the two months that I went. BUT what I found was that I needed a class or goal to motivate myself, or I always found other things to do. So since I have been home with no gym membership, I have found myself indoor rock climbing and going to cardio kickboxing classes. They kick my butt. Its odd though, on the way home I am so much happier and stress free. (going with a friend helps bunches too!)

  • Joseph

    I work out every day…sometimes harder than other days.

    It totally de-stresses me and I feel a ton better from it, especially when I have one of “those” workouts that I struggle walking away from.

    I have set up a personal goal to lose 30 lbs this summer…so less mochas at Starbucks for me and more SPIN classes!

  • annie

    My answer to the first question (‘nope’) makes all other thoughts on this N/A.


    no likee mi butt kickee.

  • Pam

    I do exercise and I love the way it makes me feel. I may be old but I certainly don’t want to feel old!

  • jaceinafrica08

    working out is so good and i dislike that people do stare at you. but I always just smile at them and then they look at me like i am a WEIRDO my head I am always thinking…they were the ones staring at me.

    dang girl, you get fox news over there?

    i think its cool that you are working out.


    • moweezle

      Jace, u crack me up! Yes, we get fox news…funny as its the only American news we get 🙂 Its only on cable though, but I love that the gym has it on the tv’s.

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