TII #1

TII = This is Israel.  I stole it from my time in Africa.  A very popular saying down there in TIA, This is Africa (made popular by Leo in Blood Diamond, but everyone else had been saying it for a long time before).  I digress.  Anyways, I’ve decided to adopt and restructure the title for life here in IZ.  After all, there are many similarities between odd things happening in which there are no explanations except…. TII. (or TIA)

Its a new category here on my blog, so enjoy the TII moments along with me….

TII #1: walking home from Soup Kitchen today and pass by a hair salon.  Sitting outside is a lady who is getting highlight foils done, but needs a smoke break while the color is taking.  Crazy hair, foils sticking out all over, cigarette in her mouth, cell in her hand.  TII!  (and this is a regular sight you will experience all over TA, not just once in a while.)


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