Relationships are hard!

Relationships are hard! 

Friendships, dating, marriage, family, or whatever kind they are there is one thing in common…..

Relationships are hard!

It seems like now matter how difficult it becomes or whatever pain they have caused, we seem to continue to dive back into them.  Sometimes I ask myself, “why?”  Why do I continue to trust after someone has betrayed it?  Why do I continue to love after someone has broken my heart?  Why do I continue to put faith in others when they have let me down?  Why do I continue to place hope in finding the someone I will spend the rest of my life with, when none in the past have?

Why? Why? Why?

For me it all comes down to this…we were created to be relational.  We were created to have people  in our lives even when we don’t think we want it.  We created for each other…to live, laugh and love. 

So, when I feel like giving up…..when I feel like letting go…..when I feel like casting aside, I need to remember that relationships are hard, but they are worth it.  

I am so grateful for all of you who continue to read my thoughts and rants, who comment and show me love, and for all the relationships I have gained throughout my life!!!  Even though most all of you are far away in distance, you are close in my heart ❤

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9 responses to “Relationships are hard!

  • T. Picking

    God has not brought the perfect choice to you yet. (no I can’t tell you why) I know that He has someone special for you but His timing is as important as His will. It’s hard to wait especially for something as rich and full as a lifetime together. God hears and and as you delight yourself in Him He will “give you the desires of your heart.” You are special to Him and not just anyone will do!!! Besides, it is probably taking awhile to get him “up to speed!” 🙂

    Cathy and I are inspired by your commitment to do God’s will and serve others. Many people are touched by your life and blessed by your example! We’ll be praying for ALL that concerns you.

  • J. Ganley

    Wow, Good stuff. For me they just get harder and harder as the weeks roll on.

  • Dianne Perukel

    I’ve asked myself those questions so many times, too. Then I was “dared” to reverse the questions and ask myself: whose heart did I break? Whose trust did I break? Who have I let down? It was an eye-opener – to cut to the chase, here’s what I realized: I judge myself by the intention of my words/behavior. I do not give that luxury to others; I judge them by how I feel, not by their intentions.

    P.S. Your Mr. Right is out there and I’d like to think he’s hanging out with my Mr. Right.

    • moweezle

      Di, I absolutely love what you wrote!!! Thank you so much for your insight. You’re so right!!!

      (and I love the thought they our ‘guys’ are hanging out somewhere. hehehe)

  • Joseph

    Well said…relationships are tough because we are programed to love.

    It is a wonderful gift that God has given us. The challenge so often is that when you love, you become vulnerable. When vulnerable, one of two things happens.

    1) You have your heart broken and learn or
    2) You truly find love and live very happily.

    The second is worth the first.

  • annie

    Awww, Mo. I feel your loneliness. I love your insight, however, and I definitely think this is a strong way of looking at it. Not everyone can! Be blessed!

    (And you are definitely right. Relationships are hard work. Even when you do find Mr. Right. BUT. They are SO worth it!)

  • Katherine

    yes, you are right mo! realationships are hard! especially when you know the Lord wants you to love those that don’t love you back!

  • barry

    Yep your right relationships are hard, but only because they challenge you and your preconceptions all the time. I find that to make a relationship work you have to–now hold onto your hat– deal with you and your own habits,preconceptions,conclusions first. Then learn to really listen, then your in with a chance.

    What do you reckon?

  • alece

    i know this all too well.

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