Imagine growing up in a country full of war and distress.

Imagine leaving your country in hopes of a life for you and your children.

Imagine traveling almost 2,000 miles across deserts, borders, trials, and dangers surrounding you in order for that life.

Imagine finally reaching your destination, only to be put in jail in order to receive asylum.

Imagine knowing you can not return to your home country, for if you do you will be killed because of where you were.

For over 5,000 Sudanese living in the country of Israel now, who have endured more tribulation in a year of travel than most of us will ever experience in our lifetime, they do not have to imagine it….they lived it!  Crossing illegally by means of desert from Egypt into Israel, these men and women have been shot at, lost family members on the way, been imprisoned, and now live in extreme poverty only to escape the perils of their own home country.  

Please join me as I begin to work alongside the Sudanese in Tel Aviv to bring a little light into their darkness.  Food distribution has already begun, and there are over 300 families coming to receive a weekly stipend.  I will also be starting a program for the children in the coming months….

Imagine living in a foreign country, and encountering HIM, the one who can change your life. Together we can make a difference.

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