A basket-full of Pita’s!

survivorAny Survivor fans out there?  My parents are big fans, so I’ve watched a couple of seasons.  I like it (not as much as Amazing Race, but still). I was watching Survivor Israel (we also have Amazing Race Israel, whoo-hoo), when something awesome happened.  One of the contestants won a challenge and had to choose between spending the night with his family members or receiving immunity, which meant being sent to exile island.  He choose the immunity, so off he went.  

While he was there he received a basket of food as the gift.  He opened up the basket and was estatic!  He pulled out a pita and immediately began rejoicing.  He smelled it, held it, hugged it etc.  He was sooooo excited for that basket-full of pita (and humus too).  

Its funny how on American Survivor they get soooo excited about chocolate cake, sweets, hamburgers, fries etc.  Here they are most excited about pita and humus.  I love it!  I love getting excited about pita and humus, cuz I can totally understand, now that I live here. 

I wanna know:  If you were on Survivor, what is the one food that you would be most excited to see in that basket??? Come on all you readers/no commenters….time to cast your vote!

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11 responses to “A basket-full of Pita’s!

  • Sarah W

    It would be a toss up….

    A bottle of good wine (red of course!) or Chips and Salsa! 🙂

    What about you Mo?

  • Jessica

    welp, I hate to be cliche but it would definitely be a big ole’ burger =) like a huuuge one. hehe

  • alece

    i LOVE survivor. i’ve been watching the current season online, and when i was in the ATL last week i got to watch the finale with my friend. SO much better with someone than by myself. we were shouting and screaming and hopping up off the couch. the fact that it was 3 AM and we had wine glasses in hand made it even better. HA!

    i think i’d be loving me some mexican if i won a food prize on survivor. mmm…

  • charlenegarrett

    Yes, it has been a while since we had some good survior episodes here…bring them on.

    BTW….I have been thinking about you a lot…guess what is coming to town in a week? YEP…the one and only Brian’s IRCUS! I am going to see if I have enough nerve to get a picture for you…wink- wink!

    Miss you!

    • moweezle

      Martinez!!! Please send my regards :0 heheheh Yes, you must get a picture! You can do it!

      U didn’t say what kind of food you would want…..?!?

  • Joseph

    Mine would be chips and salsa or tacos…anything mexican.

    second choice would be a cheese and a good bottle of wine 🙂

  • chaim

    haven’t watched survivor since year one. but, these days i’d be excited for some gluten free pizza dough! (wow, i’m getting old)

  • Katherine

    I would be really excited to have some of the great big peaches from my dad’s peach tree. They are juicy and sweet, the best i’ve ever tasted! 🙂

  • Katie

    I’m with Alece, for sure!

    A big basket of Tijuana Flats, specifically…


  • moweezle

    I am seriously hungry right now!!!!!!!!!!

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