My Slump

For the past couple of days, I’ve been in a gym slump.  The honeymoon stage is officially over, and I’m having to push myself to go now.  My heart is in it, but my body isn’t.  I know all the rules about starting a routine, keeping it going etc. but I need more motivation……

So, today I made a new playlist on my ipod called, Workout, in hopes that a revival will come along.  I have 4.2 hours of fast-paced, high energy music that I am hoping will get me back on track. Here is just a glimpse into a few of my selections:

musicWhat do you think?? Any songs you just have to tell me about for my playlist?

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9 responses to “My Slump

  • Katie

    I laughed out loud when I saw MC Hammer. Pretty much amazing!!

    I’ll put my itunes on shuffle this afternoon and see if there’s anything that pops out at me 🙂

  • jenpez

    Pretty cool music list! I know most of them.

    In my workouts I usually have Dance (Dance Pop) or House music playing. Not deep House. Just some music that makes me feel good and energized.

    Listening to music you like when doing most of your daily tasks really helps when you need a “natural mood-lifter”.


  • Tim

    Two Step by Dave Matthews is a must! Always gets me going on my long runs. I always put it at the end when I am the most tired and want to stop.

  • Joseph

    and I thought my music choices were diverse….

    Blue Monday…New Order (that is a blast from ago)

    How about a little Def Leppard, ACDC and such to bring the 80’s rick vibe in?

  • Damon

    I love the 80’s though!

    And that is why you are nearly perfect. 😀

  • annie

    I am no good on anything ‘gym’ related. :] So sorry.

  • Peirce

    quite a selection. I think I could run a marathon right now to that play list (but maybe not.)

    Here’s what I’m thinking. Getting into a routine is one of the great lies of working out. People think they have to go in for their 30 minutes or hour or whatever and do the exact same thing. Everytime. For eternity.
    How horribly boring.
    Plus if you do the same exercise each time eventually your body will get used to it and you’ll stop seeing positive results from the exercise.

    My advice is mix it up. If your not motivated on the day keep it short and quick and try something new. If you do happen to be motivated maybe stay longer than you might and really try to push yourself. Either way with that playlist I think you’ll be fine haha.

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