My lost ring

I have worn 3 rings forever now, 2 on my left hand and 1 on my right.  Today I lost my thumb ring, on my left hand. For the life of me I cannot place where it came off and where it can be.  Not that this ring has much monetary value, but the sentimental value is precious to me.  I’ve had it since my first year in Brazil, and I’ve worn it ever since. 

One (bad) habit I had was to twist the ring all the time.  If I was bored or nervous I would twist it around and around with my other hand.  Today I kept going to twist, but it wasn’t there.  I felt so naked without it.  I know its just a silly little ring, but I was distraught all day.

I was reminded of the parable of the lady who lost the coin and cleaned her whole house till she found it.  I decided that when I got home I would do just that….but I didnt find it.  

I can easily go out and find a new ring to replace the old one, but today I am mourning and hoping that it will miraculously appear tomorrow morning.


I didn’t have to wait till tomorrow morning!!! The most amazing thing happened.  I was taking a shower, re-hashing my morning and saying a quick prayer to help me find my ring, when I remembered that I had falafel for lunch.  I went down the street to get it and brought it back to the apartment.  I quickly ate as I had to be at Food Distribution in a 1/2 hour.  When I was finished I wrapped up the trash and container and threw it away.  

In the shower I had this revelation…look in the falafel bag (which was now in the trash).  So I got out, opened up the trash (thank goodness it was only from this morning) and found my falafel container.  I opened up the bag and there sitting on the bottom was my ring!!! Don’t ask me how it ended up there, but it did and I found it!!!



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12 responses to “My lost ring

  • Sarah W

    I wear two rings… wedding band and a silver ring I got here in Botswana our first year. When I was preg with Andrew my fingers swelled so badly that I had to take my rings off. I hated not having my wedding ring on as it never leaves my finger. Well with Piper, I ended up getting to wear it the whole time, but the silver one was tight. As soon as I came home I slipped it back on my finger. That’s the only “regular” jewlery I ever wear!

    I am so glad you found your ring! Praise God for little revelations in the shower! 🙂

  • Rebecca

    wow that is so crazy you found it! awesome!

  • annie

    Praise the Lord! He is so gracious to show (and sometimes place) missing items to us.

    My aunt lost her wedding ring down the drain a number of years ago. She tried to find it; did everything she could think of, then prayed and prayed that God would return it to her. A week or two later she found it sitting on an end table! God certainly has a way …

  • Damon

    And now you are wearing falafel? 😀

  • myheartresonateswithaglorioussound

    I love the praise update 🙂

  • Joseph

    Always check the falafel container.

    I once lost my child and low and behold….in the falafel container!

    My car keys…yep, the falafel container.

    My laptop, hockey jersey, passport….you name it…I have found them all in a falafel container. 🙂

    (I am glad you found your rings but the whole falafel thing got me tickled.)

  • moweezle

    ok falafel boys! I’m glad u both both got a kick that….even though I know you’re just jealous that you can’t have falafel!!! lol

  • Tim

    Awesome! I am glad you found it……I did something similar like that with my wedding ring, except I found it in the recycle container just before they came to pick it up. Whew!!!

  • Damon

    even though I know you’re just jealous that you can’t have falafel!!!

    Truer words my friend…truer words…

  • alece

    so glad you found it.

    and i totally feel nekked if i don’t have one of my rings on. or my watch. ugh – hate when i forget my watch!

  • Mom

    Well, that was a God inspired thought! If only the mysteries and disappearances of life could be solved that quickly. We’ll take it when we can get them.

  • Katherine

    How cool, I’m so glad you found it! 🙂

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