TII #2

Setting: 11:00 am. Nationwide air-raid siren alert drill. 

Some of you live where there are tornado drills, earthquake drills, or maybe hurricane drills….but I live where we have bomb/air raid drills.  This morning there was a scheduled one so people knew where to go and what to do.  Everyone is supposed to go to the nearest bomb shelter or safest place.  The siren went off, so I headed down to the bomb shelter in my apartment building.  

It was padlocked.  

With a huge double chain.

And tons of garbage blocking the door.

No one in sight.

So I did what everyone else here in IZ would do…go back upstairs and return to life as usual. I do hope when the real thing comes along, someone who has the keys will bother to come open it up and let us in.  So much for practicing…


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