Yes! I’m a little bit meshuga (crazy)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away I did something that was a bit hasty indeed.  I was in NY at the time when I came across a wedding dress that I absolutely fell in love with (on the Nordstroms website).  I thought to myself, “one day you will get married, and when that day comes if you don’t have this dress you will always wish you had.”   So, being the compulsive person that I am, I ordered it.

Well, weeks later I get this package at the door, and sure enough it was the dress.  I immediately took it out and tried it on.  


It was one of those deals where it looks soooo much better in the picture than in person.  Not to mention the guy that I was “dating” (and I use that word very loosely) just broke my heart into a million pieces, so the thought of a wedding dress wasn’t too appealing to me either.  There was only one thing to do…SEND IT BACK!

Years later, I am reminded of my crazy blunder every time I check my email and see a Nordstroms add in my junkmail. You see, since that day of ordering something from them, I was automatically put on their email list for specials and sales.  Today when I went to empty my junkmail, there it was with a bold header in the subject line: WEDDING DRESSES!

Its a good thing I can laugh about it now, after time has passed and old wounds have healed.  We might not always have Paris, but we’ll always have Nordstroms.  lol


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