Mediterranean Monday: Israeli Salad

It’s back! I haven’t done a Med. Monday in quite some time and I’ve been missing it. As a special come-back post, I made a short video of me making Israeli Salad.  Yes, you heard correctly…. I am going to actually prepare it myself!!!  Take a look….

(Don’t worry, its not actually that long…after the credits the song goes on for a bit)

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11 responses to “Mediterranean Monday: Israeli Salad

  • cathy

    Maureen that salad demo was amazing ! Next up could you demo hummus?
    Enjoy your salad !

  • Joseph

    Yummmmmeeeee….so have to make this.

  • Katherine

    AUGH!! 🙂 So good!!! I was waiting to see your face! Yay! I especially like the yellow kitchen gloves hanging there! LOOK OUT RACHAEL RAY!!! 😉

  • Rebecca

    ok you are so cute! nice demo 😉

  • moweezle

    Cathy: I’ll try to work on that one!

    Kath: I can’t have dishpan hands!!!!!

  • Mom

    It almost brought tears to my eyes to see my daughter demonstrating in the kitchen!! Now what would be our equivalent to the seasoning because that can be the ingredient that makes or breaks it.
    Actually, Bec made dinner for us tonight.(with the help of Betty Crocker). A chicken alfredo mix but we have crossed that one off our list. She even said it’s the worst she’s had. Practice makes perfect.
    I too was waiting to see your pretty face at the end eating the delicious salad. but it was good to hear your voice.

    • moweezle

      I’m glad you didn’t die from shock!!! hehehe. The spice is a middle eastern spice, Zahtar. You can definitely get it, maybe just have to look around. Ask Bec to ask all her Arab friends if they know 🙂 Or I can send some home to you.

  • chaim

    bob and larry salad!

    ‘chop them into little chops’?! you’re hilarious! it’s called dicing.

    you are truly the rachael ray of Israel.

    it was sweet seeing that kitchen again.

    thanks for sharing!

  • Teri

    Excellent. I am curious about the seasoning, maybe I can get it over at Hiller’s. So glad that Bob and Larry are safe.

  • Kristy

    I loved it!! Great song choice. Us single ladies can do it all!! I love and miss you lots!!

  • alece

    i could so eat a bowl of that right now. looks so fresh and yum. i’m craving fresh veggies today.

    what was that seasoning you added (besides salt and pepper)??

    and i loved your choice of song! one of my current favorites.

    “now put your hands up!”

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