Hope + Expectations = Vison

This formula has been stewing around in my mind, thanks to a series called Marked by Hope, by my home church pastor, P. Lee.  I have been watching the podcasts of the series, which is excellent by the way.  

I will admit….I have always had huge vision and great expectations.  Lately though, its my hope that has been lacking. Reality kicks in, and slowly my hope has been dwindling.  Its super hard living here, and things don’t happen as quickly or easily as I had hoped for.  Doubt and fear seep in and chew away at that chunk of hope that was once full inside of me.

My vision is still there, and I still have expectations; but without hope the formula will not be fulfilled to its FULLEST! They all work together.  They all need each other.

Getting that hope back can be difficult.  The fact that we should be overflowing in hope, is something that I know I haven’t been visibly showing every day.  BUT, there is one thing that I am reminded of, which is helping me to restore that hope I once had: I am SEALED with ALL of His promises!!!  This includes the promise of hope and a future.  This is what I am holding onto, today and tomorrow, and forever.

(Thanks, P. Lee for the kick of inspiration)


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