Meet My TJ…

 DSCF2021Yep, this is TJ, and yes…I’m 34 and still have a teddy bear!  He is what I call my comfort zone.  

TJ has been with me everywhere I’ve been.  From Brazil to Africa…Europe to the Middle East; I don’t go anywhere without him.  

I don’t know how he handles all the tosses and turns that I make during the night, ‘cuz no matter how restless I am, I always manage to grab onto him…even in my subconscious.  I can’t sleep when he’s not there, and if he rolls off the bed in the middle of the night, I notice his absence.  

I’ve even been asked what I’ll do without him when I get married; but the way things are going, I don’t think I’ll have to worry about that anytime soon.  (but I think I’ll still keep him around even if that time comes rolling around)

Sooooo, what about you? Anyone out there have a comfort zone item, thats been with you thick and thin?  Please tell me I’m not the only one!!!


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8 responses to “Meet My TJ…

  • Joseph

    Well, I gave up Mr Bun (Short for Bunny) when I was 4.
    Mr. Blankie at 3.
    My Worn out Southern Miss TKE baseball hat when I graduated college.
    so ummmmm….don’t have anything now.

    I guess my comfort zone item now would be the coffee shop. Since I work alone, in my house alone, travel alone, alone alone alone….my social life outside of my wife and kiddo gets a bit quiet. I love the Starbucks by my house and a few choice other locations to grab a cup and chat. It is my comfort zone when a really tough time is going on.

    TJ now needs to start making some random appearences on the site

  • Mom

    Thought we could click on the pictures to make them bigger and actually see Tj but not so. We’ll take your word for it! How did you come up with the name? don’t recall you talking about him before.

    • moweezle

      u can click on them and make them bigger….dont know y you cant. What do you mean you dont remember him? He was at your house every time I was!!! lol

  • Jessica

    Hehe so I have this “dog” like stuffed animal called Russ that I got from my Grandma’s house when she died. I insist he’s a dog but other people say he looks like a bear. He fits perfectly into the crook of my arm when I’m sleeping =)

  • Katie

    um. confession: I still have a “blankie”.

    and I sleep with it every night. 🙂

  • Katherine

    Ok, the secrets are out! 🙂 I have a brown teddy bear too. (His name is Brown Bear, origional huh?) My dad gave it to me when i was 2 or 3. He and my brother went to town on day and when they came back home my brother had a new tractor. I cried, beacuse i wanted something too! My dad pulled out a little doll and I cried louder! Then he pulled out the brown bear and I haven’t been without it since! I also took it with me when I was living in Rio. And I slept with it for the first 2 years of Jerod and I’s marriage. I was just so used to having my arm around it. When Jerod is away though, I still sleep with him. Oh yea, and my dad returned the doll to the store the next day! 😉

  • faerie77

    I have a small teddy bear called Charlie bear. My then boyfriend bought him for me nearly 20 years ago now, he since became my husband and charlie used to go with me everywhere.
    He even went into hospital with me when i gave birth to our son. Its a wonder i never pulled his arms and legs off during childbirth whilst hubby went home for a break (i had a 29 hours labout). he is very special to me so i can understand about TJ. What a well travelled bear. Does he have his own passport?

    all the best

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