TII #4 Missent to Thailand

Yesterday my roommate noticed an envelope in someone else’s mailbox addressed to me.  We grabbed the letter and on the front was a stamp saying, “Missent to Thailand.”  

Thailand??? Thailand??? Yeah, thats a clear mistake for Israel!!!

Then I noticed the date of the sent stamp from Winterset, IA…April 21, 2009.  2 months ago?? It took 2 months to get my birthday card from my friend K?  Are you kidding me??? It only took a couple days from the package from South Africa and this was only a card.

Thanks, K for the birthday card, and sorry its only 2 months in the making. lol



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4 responses to “TII #4 Missent to Thailand

  • Pam

    I sent a package to Lana in Rio and it came back to me several months later minus the contents…

    • moweezle

      Rio is the worst! I never got a couple of packages, including one that my mom had sent w/my favorite hat in it. I was devastated! After that I told people not to send me anything anymore.

  • Katherine

    That is crazy!! It’s funny, I was just thinking the other day if you got that or not, and i thought, for sure she got it, that was 2 months ago! Ok, I’m sending you another card today… tell me when it gets there! 🙂 Glad you finally got it! 🙂

  • alece

    what’d you get from SA?!

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