Saddened but not surprised.

I wasn’t going to, but here I am jumping on the MJ band-wagon to give my 2¢ about his life and death.  

It has been inescapable… the news, radio, internet, magazines, and even on twitter its the #1 topic.  No matter how you feel about him as a person, his impact on music and pop culture is unarguable, especially with the generations growing up with him.  I can honestly say that there is not one of his songs that I do not like.  I mean come on…Thriller!  Billie Jean! Beat It! Man in the Mirror! Scream! (I love that one with Janet)

I remember watching a documentary about MJ years ago when he was going through all those child molestation trials, and after seeing what he endured throughout his childhood and adolescence, my heart seriously ached for him. He went from this innocent, extremely talented child to a music icon, who was sucked in, chewed around and spit out by the world he was now living in.  It happens to oh, so many people, not just celebrities.  We start out as these cute, adorable children, we grow up, and the world literally engulfs us and leads us into disaster.  I have seen it in my own life, as well as the lives of friends, family members, and too many celebs.

Fortunately for many, we get out of it and move forward.  Unfortunately for MJ, he did not.  I am completely saddened by this fact, but I am not surprised.  

So, in memory of the King of Pop…what is your favorite Michael Jackson song(s)???


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4 responses to “Saddened but not surprised.

  • Sarah W

    I was just thinking of that the other day……..I have to say it’s probably “Beat it”. 🙂 ha! I loved that entire album actually. While I wasn’t a fan of him per se, I did like his music and I was shocked to hear of his passing. I have good memories in that time frame…..I think many people our age do!

  • Joseph

    Never was a huge MJ fan (more into Motley Crue, ACDC etc…) but Thriller would have to be where I point.
    It revolutionized music and music videos and to this day can still be pointed at as a model for design and production.

    Like the new header…..but where did Mo go?

  • Tim

    Thriller!!! Can’t go wrong there.

  • Oliver Ponder

    Man in the mirror!!
    Heal the world!!
    Billy jean!
    The girl is mine!

    can’t choose 😛

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