God has such a sense of humor!

I stumbled across a piece of paper I had tucked away from many years ago.  On this piece of paper was listed 5 things. It was an assignment for my missions class; we had to do one new thing each day for the week.  I remember that day, thinking “what the heck can I do?”  …..

….. Years  later, here I am writing from my host family’s home, in the Arab community of Nazareth.  So what was on that list you might be wondering???


You see, at that time I had NEVER eaten Arabic food!  Yet, here I am today…living in Israel, eating Arabic food practically everyday!!!  Who would have thunk it??? Not me!  

God has such a sense of humor!!

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6 responses to “God has such a sense of humor!

  • redbackpack

    Just curious – how about the other four items? Have you completed them as well?

    I’m in the process of determining what my new endeavors will be in this season of my life. So this post is an encouragement. Thanks!

    • moweezle

      We actually had to do the 5 things during the week while I was at school for class. The others were:

      * not talking a word all day
      * dress up goth (I did this w/my friend from Romania…we were scary looking)
      * Bowling an entire game left handed
      * speak in portuguese w/everyone, even when they didn’t understand.

  • Pam

    How well did the not talking work out for ya?

    • moweezle

      I actually did it fine 🙂 All of them I was able to accomplish. It was the goth that was the hardest. You have noooooo idea how many people stared at me all day and looked at me in disgust. It really opened my eyes to how people perceive those kids and treat them.

  • Katherine

    How cool! You know that’s not a bad idea to push ourselves to try something new each day… I came across another guys’ blog who learns something new each year… i think this year he’s learning Mardarin Chinese! Instead of looking at it like a “new years resolution” look at it like getting to learn something new each year, and then you’ll know a lot by the time you’re 80! 🙂

    I agree, God DOES have a sense of humor! 🙂

  • alece

    i love that you found that list!

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