Mediterranean Monday: I ♥ The Sea of Galilee

DSCF2148The Galilee region is so seeped in history, its almost impossible to go anywhere that isn’t represented in the Bible and history books. There are many churches, ruins, gardens, and landmarks explaining what happened here in the past:

* The Wedding Church: where Jesus performed his first miracle of turning water into wine (they claim to sill have a couple of the original jars from this event)
* The Beattitudes Monastary: On the mountain where the sermon of the Beattitudes took place. 

* The Church on the site where Mary and Joseph lived in Nazareth

BUT, my absolute favorite place is the Sea of Galilee!!! There is no claiming  this was the site where something took place; it IS the place where the storm was calmed and HE walked on water.  Surrounded by hills and valleys, trees and shoreline, its absolutely breathtaking.  Standing on the Israel side, you can look across and see what is now Syria.  When I’m here, my mind automatically drifts back into the history and puts pictures with words.  I ♥ it!



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9 responses to “Mediterranean Monday: I ♥ The Sea of Galilee

  • dannicash

    Need to see deep into history, then we know where we come from..

  • Danielle

    Oh my goodness. This brought tears to my eyes. lol This was my favorite part of my trip to Israel. It is so beautiful there and you are right, all your mind does is go back to the scriptures as they truly come to life before you. Sigh….lol. I brought back some of that water with me…. 🙂

  • Chrystie

    Wow! Thank you for sharing the pictures with us! I so desperately want to visit Israel. there are so many places I would want to visit there. I was blessed that a dear friend travelled there a year ago. While in the Garden of Gethsemane, she felt that God “whispered my name” to her. So she bent down and picked up a rock and brought it back to me. She had NO idea how much the Garden of Gethsemane means to me personally. She had NO idea what a hard time I was having at the time back in the States. When she gave me my rock and told me the story, I burst into tears…to think that God could make someone think of me, pick up a rock from just the right place at the right time and bring it miles and miles to give to me. Chills!!! Anyways…I would love to hear more about your stories over there and see more pictures! Thanks for sharing them!

  • Andrea M.

    A-MAZING!!! I love that you are there, getting to see and experience all this…and sharing it with us! 🙂

  • Joseph

    Yeah…what’s the big deal…I could post a picture of the Grand Ole Opry if I wanted 🙂

    Seriously? It is insane the history that you live in and around on a daily basis….

    for me, the only thing historic is the Cafe Loveless (the home of the Biscuit Lady)…although she really does have some seriously good biscuits.

    if I were there I would just sit and stare… a lot

  • alece

    mmmmm…. so so beautiful.

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