Oppression = Multiplication

Something I read stuck with me all day long, so I decided to share my revelation. I was reading in Exodus, the first chapter, with the Israelites Oppressed in Egypt. Verse 12 really spoke to me, 

“But the more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied and spread; so the Egyptians came to dread the Israelites and worked them ruthlessly.”

Oh how quickly we forget our past!  The reason this struck a chord with me is because of my work with the Sudanese Refugees here in TA.  The numbers are increasing rapidly, and the Israeli’s don’t want them here.  They are living in horrible conditions, work only the lowest of the lowest jobs, BUT low and behold…..they are multiplying quickly!  I feel like every day there is a new baby or another woman pregnant, coming to the food distribution.  They have crazy amounts of children, yet no money to care for them.  Today I found out that on the 1st of the coming month, immigration will begin rounding up our Sudanese in TA and either imprisoning them or sending them to another location.

I’m not saying the Israeli’s are to blame (I love Israel and there is something to be said about purposely entering a country illegally), but its just interesting how the correlation between oppression and multiplication applied to both the Israelites way back when, in a foreign land (Egypt), and in the present, to the Sudanese in a foreign land (which just happens to be Israel).  You can make your own opinions on the similarities.

Just something to chew on today….


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8 responses to “Oppression = Multiplication

  • Jessica

    also the Palestinians…

  • Chrystie

    Hmm…very interesting! I am chewing…

  • Warren Baldwin

    Why are the Sudanese going into Israel? There are two aspects to that question. One, why are they leaving their own homeland, and two, why are they choosing Israel as opposed to some other country to enter?

    This is an interesting post. In fact, your whole blog is.

    Thanks for the visit to Family Fountain.


    • moweezle

      I’ll give you the shorter answer, or I might end up writing a book. lol.

      1. They are leaving Sudan cuz of the war there. You have heard what is going on in Darfur? Lots of craziness and militia and killings. They leave for a better life.

      2. They first go to Egypt. Many of them stay there as they have free pass into the country. The problem there is the same as here. No jobs, money, and even there they are having lots of issues with the Arab Muslims. I know of many people who have lost family members in Egypt.

      That being said, they think it will be a better life for them here in Israel. They seriously put their lives in risk coming, many are shot at the border on the Egyptian side etc. They have to cross the desert just to enter as well. Now that they are here, Israel can’t send them back or they will be killed by their own country. BUT, there is no jobs or anything for them here either. Its a loose/loose situation for them right now, unfortunately.

      Thats the short version 🙂

  • @ngie

    This is a very interesting point you bring up. The same pattern is seen in the book of Acts when the early Christians were persecuted thereby forced to flee. When they fled they took the gospel with them and it spread like wild-fire.

    Keep up the good work Mo.

  • Katherine

    That is interesting! I’ll be praying for your work with them.. you’re there for a reason!

  • Warren Baldwin

    Thank you for this explanation of something we hear nothing about over here (at least I don’t).

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