Hyssop (אזוב)

hyssopToday in my reading, I discovered a little gem.  My jewel was found in Exodus, ch. 12 (The Passover).  While I was reading, I came to vs. 22 where they are told to take a bunch of hyssop to dip into the blood for smearing over and around the doorframe. I’ve never paid much attention to that before, just sorta read over it….but living in Israel now, has new meaning for me with many Biblical things.  

I knew that I had heard this name before….hyssop…but couldn’t quite place it.  So, I did what most of us do now: I googled it.  When I saw its picture I immediately knew what it was (plus, hearing its hebrew name, just confirmed it…..we had read about it in my Ulpan).  BUT, here comes the interesting part:

Did you also know that this hyssop plant the Israelites used as the instrument for the beginning of their freedom out of slavery was ALSO the very same plant that was used as the instrument for giving Jesus his last sip of wine, right before He died on the cross (the beginning of our freedom out of slavery)????  (John 19:20) 


I have heard time and time again, that in the Jewish culture, EVERYTHING has a connection.  Words all are connected through a shoresh (root), months are connected to the moon cycles, traditions all have very specific meanings.  

Just more food to chew on today, and a gem to add to my collection….


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