Sudanese Refugees Update

I have been writing about my work with the Sudanese Refugees, and the problems they have been encountering with the government. (I also mentioned it in last month’s newsletter as a prayer request.)  Their status in TA has been big news the past few weeks here as well, even making it to the front page of The Jerusalem Post.  

A couple days before the Aug. 1st deadline of deporting them out of TA, the Israeli government made a statement, postponing the deportation until a further date. There had been an outcry among the people here on their behalf, especially regarding the children who were born in Israel, therefore becoming Israeli citizens.  I was actually surprised to see such an outpouring of support for the Sudanese, when there has been such mumbling about them even being here.

That being said, this was only a temporary decision, and the future of the Sudanese in TA is yet to be seen; but, I know for all the families we work with, they are extremely relieved and happy.  They can once again walk the streets without fear of being picked up and imprisoned or sent to another city (for now).


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