From childhood to adulthood…

I read this the other day on another blog and so I decided to steal borrow the topic for myself.  The question was:

When you were 16, where did you think you’d be at age 30?  (or, what did you want to be when you were a ‘grown-up’)

Growing up, I changed my mind A LOT of what I wanted to be.  Probably depending on the day or my mood, is what I wanted to be.  But one idea that stuck around, amongst the coming and going jobs, was this:  I wanted to be the 1st woman president of the United States.  

I actually majored in political science the first semester of college….before changing to Communications, to Undecided, to Chemical Engineering, to Psychology, and finally to Elementary Education with a minor in Psychology (which I have my degree in).  

Ok. So ‘change’ in my life still hasn’t “changed” much…but I no longer have aspirations to become a U.S. President, and I DEFINITELY didn’t think I’d become what I am now!

Question for all of you: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?  What did you become?

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25 responses to “From childhood to adulthood…

  • chrystiecole

    Hmm, that is a hard one. When I was really young, I wanted to be a lawyer at one point. I remember that for sure. When I was a little older, I wanted to be a psychologist. Never, did I ever, think I would be in outside sales. I am shy. Introverted. A forced extrovert. Sales? Are you crazy! But, alas, that is where I am currently. My hope is to be in ministry in some way within the next 5 years though!

  • Jessica

    Hmm… well I started with artist when I was little (definitely wanted to have a painting in a museum someday, hehe), then I wanted to be an actress and that lasted through highschool mostly, then decided I wanted to do interior design, then decided to take photography classes while I “figured it out.” hehe, well I loved photography so much it became my career! I’m excited to see which other areas God takes me into but a goal I have now for my photography business is to be flown to Europe (or Israel!) to shoot a wedding =)

    • moweezle

      I totally remember having this conversation at one of our Shabbat sleepovers 🙂 I soooo miss those Fri. nights. Remember when we tried a million times to watch a movie online?!? ha! Frustration = Good times hehehe

  • @ngie

    Isn’t it amazing the path God takes us on when we decide to grab his hand and not let go?

    Let’s see… from the age of 7 I remember wanting to be: famous, a farmer’s wife and a world traveler.

    My kids think I am famous because I have a website / blog.

    My man is a spiritual farmer through and through with all his planting, cultivating and growing people up.

    I do my fair share of trotting the globe.

    It has worked out pretty nice thus far. 🙂

  • Joseph

    I wanted to own my own company and design and sell custom men’s suits and dress clothes. Eventually branch out and own my own shoe company.

    I am in sales and sort of work for myself but I sell Social Studies materials to school systems.

    Truly, I wish I would have gone a different route and although I am very good at what I do, I don’t totally love it. I wish at 22, I would have found a passion and followed it.

  • Andrea

    Long ago I wanted to be a veterinarian until I discovered I’d have to euthanize animals. Can’t do it. Then I wanted to be a lawyer until I realized my skin isn’t nearly as tough enough. Then in high school I realized my love for teaching and have known I’d be a teacher since then. Just never imagined it would ever be in Africa!

  • Evan

    Since I became a Christian at the age of 15, I’ve known I wanted to be a missionary. My church at the time had a missions conference that summer, and I couldn’t get enough of the stories all the missionaries told! I’m actually planning a second trip back to Brazil this coming summer (Amazon river- we’ll start in Manaus). Really like your blog- keep up the ministry here and God bless!

  • Tim

    I have always wanted to be an architect. I still have those aspirations. I promised myself I will get there, but right now, I am just Tim the dad, and I wouldn’t miss it for anything!!! 🙂

  • KSA

    When I was growning up I dreamed of getting married having five kids, and living in a peaceful quite little house with a white pekit fence in the middle of nowhere. I use to think if I could just turn back time and actually live the life they had on “Little house on the Prairie, it would be perfect.

    Instead I am single. I live in a an appartment in a bustling city of 3 million, in a part of Central Asia no one has ever heard of.

    There is a song I like that says “what I thought I wanted, what I got instead leaves me thankful”. That is how I feel about my life.

  • Mom

    For me it was an elementary school teacher. I guess a christian school would have been a perfect fit for me as I played school and Sunday School often when I was little. But instead of going to ORU for el edu, I went to Bible School and the rest is history. Didn’t do the school teaching thing but I have had many opportunities to teach kids in church and all so that’s been good. I think that being a mom was just something I always thought would happen and that it has!!

  • Mom

    I like the quote from KSA “what I thought I wanted…”

  • Luke

    I wanted to join the Air force as a youngster, which i managed to do, but i never thought what i would do when i left!! i`ve been travelling ever since, it`s been wild at times…. but i know i`m being guided by a wise hand!! keep up the good work,
    Bless brother Luke.

  • chaim

    i studied poli sci too! it was my minor! politics used to be my passion. not any more…

    but, it’s funny from the time i have earliest memories from…i always wanted to work in tv. either be on tv or make tv (didn’t know how they did that then, just knew that’s what i wanted to do) and God totally allowed me to have that dream come true.

    now….i just want Him. He is my passion. and that makes me happy.

  • Pab

    I think the word “become” sounds like “plan B”, in my opinion you don´t “become” something if you are in God´s Will, but you discover what you are, the plan of God for your life, it could take some time, but that doesn´t mean failure, and the word “become” sounds like that. When you are a child you think as a child and you see the world as a child, so if you keep your ideas about the world as a child that means you didn´t grow up, not everyone can be an astronaut.

    • moweezle

      Pab, thank you for your opinion, you are entitled to it. I understand what you are stating. The definition of become is:

      1. to come, change, or grow to be (as specified)
      2. to come into being.

      Becoming something isn’t a failure, its forging ahead and fulfilling what is inside you to begin with. You’re right. Not everyone can be an astronaut, but not everyone wants to either. Its whatever calling you have to be.

      • Pab

        You can become good or bad, because you have free will, and you decide; if you are out of God´s will then you become something different from what you are in God, His purpose for your life. The word become is not good nor bad, but if you ask :what did you want to be?” that means you are not that. Shalom SUNDAY, 😀

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