Tag along Tuesday

Many of you have asked me what a typical day looks like on the field.  Let me just start by saying, NO day is a typical day. Everyday is a new surprise, and I don’t really have a 9-5 type schedule, but just for kicks I will take you along on yesterdays journey so you get somewhat of an idea:

6:45: Alarm goes off and immediately I think, NOOOOO! Not yet! (Now this IS typical for everyday)

7:40: After I’ve gotten ready and organized, made my coffee (a must!), I head out to catch the bus (1 of 2).  The first bus is about 10 minutes, then I walk another 5 to get the 2nd bus, which is about 20 minutes depending on the traffic and the driver.

8:30: Intensive Hebrew class

13:15: Finally Hebrew is finished and I’m back on the bus again.  This time a different one that will take me all the way from one side of the city to the other.

14:00: Arrive in the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station. Grab a quick bite to eat and begin walking to the place we rent for the Sudanese Food Distribution.

14:20: I see the 2nd padlock we put on the door for extra security, reminding me I don’t have the key.  Brent arrives and he also is reminded that he doesn’t have the key.  Our dilemma begins.  Do we try to run all the way home and get the key (about 40 min round trip) or do we ask our “neighbor” who is a welder to just cut off the padlock with his cutter machine.  We opt for Choice 2.  Its starting to become a TII moment.  Our welding neighbor plugs in his cutting machine to a long, huge extension cord in order to reach our door.  Its a sight to see!  He starts cutting our padlock… sparks flying everywhere, Sudanese women running for their lives, and without so much as a mask on his face.  But, the lock was cut off….Success!

18:30: We finish with Food Distribution and I am on yet another bus heading for home.  

19:00: YES! I’m back home. I take a quick shower, make something to eat (tonight’s menu is pasta) drink an iced coffee and sit down on my varanda to breathe.

20:00: I am able to check my email, read some tweets and blog a little.

21:00: Homework! I have 2 pages of Hebrew to work on…grrrrr!

21:45: Attempt to do a little reading, and catch up on my OT journey. (I’m currently in Leviticus.)

23:00: Lights off.  I am trying to go to bed early tonight with no avail.  I get an SMS at 11:30 from a friend who had arrived back in IZ.  They are in line for Passport Control.

00:00: I get another one saying they got in.  I’m happy for them, but I am also tired.  

00:15: I think I finally dozed off…..

There you have it! Not always glamourous or exciting, but definitely interesting and worth the calling! Thanks for tagging along…..


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8 responses to “Tag along Tuesday

  • Joseph

    You call that a tough day…well…check my day out

    Up at 6am….and down for breakfast usually cereal and the morning paper. Dreadful. The US news is insanity.

    Off to the YMCA at 6:45 for a workout (although not helping much)

    8:00 am: shower and into the mini-van for a day of sales calls to schools (and you think the bus is tough…well sista…I have to drive a mini-van! and I am a 40 year old man!)

    5-8 school visits from 8:30 to 4:30…screaming kids, mean teachers and crazy Principals 🙂 How is this tough….hmmm…kids, boogers and school buses…nough said.

    Then off to home for dinner (That I have to cook) Oooh the heat from the stove is unbearable. Often at this point I have to search a felafel container for stuff I have lost during the day…oohh..wait…that’s you..scratch that.

    6-8 playtime and homework with the kiddo (kind of like Hebrew Class I would imagine…you see playtime is me sitting and listening to all the stuff from the day which I tend to begin to block out and thus it starts to sound like Hebrew 🙂

    9pm email, blog reads, twitter (to say hello to Mo and respond to blogs (unless I sneak in Starbucks mid day) and remainder of work

    Then I HAVE TO watch tv so I can delete stuff of the dvr

    So HA! Whew, I am exhausted just typing this 🙂

    • moweezle

      ok….u have me beat!!! I was totally laughing out loud when I read the falafel comment. You will NEVER let me live that one down, will you???? lol

      You made me wish I had a TV again!

      • Joseph

        Nope. You will always lose stuff in falafel. It is now your calling card.

        In fact, I have an idea…I think we should package hidden prizes in falafel containers? We could call it Mo’s Treasure.

        Might be on to something!

  • Katherine

    Ok, Joseph’s comment is hilarous about the falafel! 🙂

    I can just picture the guy cutting off the padlock! 🙂

  • chrystiecole

    Yay! I loved peering into your life for a day. That was fun!

  • chaim

    next time bring a key. crazy americans!

  • Amy

    I loved reading this… your daily grind that is anything but ordinary… and completely extraordinary!!! If it’s not a safety issue for you- I’d love to see some snapshots of your area/home… I total can’t “picture” living and doing what you are…

    thanks for sharing your journey!!

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