Sometimes I’m left speechless….

I had no idea when I wrote the following status for fb, what was about to unfold:

Does anyone have/know of a WII system and games that can be donated 4 a new youth ministry in Israel? This would be a HUGE blessing!!!

I hadn’t gotten any replies, and I honestly just put it out there in the social media world, “just in case”.  

And then I got the email.

It was from a friend I had graduated with, and quite honestly, had not seen since graduation day back in 1993. (Yep, a looooooooooong time ago.)  He told me he didn’t have a WII to give, but he would like to start a fundraiser in order to purchase one. Not only start a fundraiser, but spread the word, buy the complete set (with as many games as possible) AND ship it to me.  

My mind was completely blown by that email!

Here was someone who I haven’t even seen or really spoken to in 15 or so years…yet he was willing to put all this time and effort into pouring out for kids he has never even seen or met.  He was willing to go the extra mile, all for a cause I believe in.  

Like I said, sometimes I’m left speechless.

Below is the link for the fundraising site to purchase a WII console and games for the youth ministry I will be soon starting with the Sudanese Refugee Children.  Please consider donating, even if its just a small amount, for this cause.  Our target goal is $500, but I am hoping to surpass even that!  And I must end by saying, “Thanks so much Chris, for showing what God’s love looks like in a tangible way.  I am truly humbled and honored to know you!”

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