TII #6: Delirious from Diapers

DSCF2207Today was a serious TII moment during our Food Distribution.  This week we are giving diapers instead of food (I still am undecided as to which is more important to them).  We were supposed to get the delivery yesterday, but alas…it never came.  Today the delivery-guy said, “For sure I am coming…2:00.”

2:00 is good; it gives us time to sort through the different sizes, organize them into groups, and package them up for when the women come.  

That was the plan.

But this is Israel!  2:30 comes and goes, but he has not arrived.  3:00, still no diapers.  The women begin showing up and we tell them he should be coming any minute.  3:30, the natives are getting restless and so are we.  We decided to start making food packets and give them out instead, since it doesn’t look like he’s coming again.  

4:15/ish, He shows up.  In the middle of the distribution, with women all around, food bags being made and distributed, and he shows up.  Ish!  (As we say in Hebrew, Balagan!!!)

So, we  ATTEMPT to sort them as best as we can and begin giving them out.  It was a huge mess… diapers everywhere, women wanting food + diapers, me trying to remain calm and record their numbers at the same time, and sweating profusely from the heat and small quarters.

Finally at 6:00 we were able to stop for the day.  I was exhausted (to say the least), dirty, thirsty, and… delirious from all the diapers!!


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