heads + trouble + lips = hijabs?!?

Let the heads of those who surround me be covered with the trouble their lips have caused.

This verse is Psalm 140:9, where David is speaking of his enemies.  Many scholars say its when he was fleeing King Saul, and thus referring to him and his men.  I want to show you a different take on this verse, something of a revelation I had while reading it this morning.

Let me begin by saying that what I am about to write might stir up some controversy.  You can choose to agree with me, or think I’m way off base…that’s the beauty of opinion.

You might know that right now the Muslims are celebrating Ramadan, the 40 day Islamic fast.  I have been also been taking this time to pray for different Muslim countries around the world each day.  I work with Sudanese Muslims, and I feel its important for me to do this.  

In addition, my devotional this morning was Psalm 140.  When I came to verse 9, something clicked.  Maybe its because of Ramadan or my work or whatever, but I saw something in that verse that stuck out to me….let the heads be covered.

Now, mind you, I am no Biblical Scholar…but I do know who the enemies of Israel were during that time: Phillistines, Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, etc.  All the “ites“. Those that surrounded Israel at that time weren’t too different from those surrounding Israel today.  

The connection goes all the way back to Abraham and his sons, Isaac and Ishmael. Ishmael was the son of the Egyptian slave, Hagar, who was banished to the desert. Ishmael had 12 sons; and if you research them, you will find out they are the Arab people groups who happen to also be the ones today surrounding the land of Israel.   

So, what does this have to do with the covering of heads part? Stay with me, I’m almost there.  As you know, most Arabs are Muslim (about 90%).  And, you might be aware that NOW, Muslim women wear hijab’s (headcoverings). I say now, because it wasn’t always so.  Wearing the hijab only became mainstream in the 70’s when Islam really started flourishing.  So, if you put the two together, past and present, you get the (past) enemies of Israel covering their (present) heads with hijabs.  

You might think I’m completely crazy for correlating David’s plea to God regarding his enemies to a modern day Islamic practice, but let me remind you that God has a crazy way of doing things sometimes, and revealing the truth to us.  A talking donkey? Living in a whale’s belly? Marching around a wall for 7 days? 

Why wouldn’t he answer a prayer from thousands of years ago today in a most unconventional way?  Our timing is not His! 

(Just another little nugget to chew on this week…..)


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14 responses to “heads + trouble + lips = hijabs?!?

  • @ngie

    Wow, that is interesting. Might I be so bold as to add a little tangent that we women can cause a boat load of trouble with the words we let slip from our lips, too.

  • Joseph

    Very interesting. I am the last person that should add something to this.

    I find the whole Muslim faith amazing and interesting. Probably as many of them find Christianity amazing.

  • Chrystie

    Wow! Very interesting post!

  • chaim

    hmmmm. thought-provoking.

  • Warren Baldwin

    This is interesting. One of the challenges of the Psalms is that specific enemies and troubling situations are not named. We just know the Psalmist had enemies and problems, but not always who or what they were. So, the enemies of Psalm 140 are elusive. If, however, the scholars are right, then the enemies were actually not Arabs (past or present), but were fellow Israelites. That puts another whole interesting twist to this.

    Often the greatest enemies we face are not those of another race, religion or language, but members of our own group. That was true of Israel during the War of AD 66-70; of Christians in Ireland in the 1970s (different denominations waring against each other); of Muslims in 2009 (since the radical Muslims are creating problems for all Muslms); and maybe even of America in 2009. If we succeed in abolishing terrorism in other parts of the world, what have we really accomplished if we haven’t stopped violence in our own streets and abortion clinics?

    • moweezle

      Yes, you’re right, we don’t exactly know! Thats where revelation comes in and is so important. There are times when even the “scholars” use all their knowledge of past history and studies, but have no revelation and can be wrong. It’s something I’ve come to really understand this past year, especially. The Orthodox Jews have all the knowledge in the world. They know the Torah better than anyone. They know the history better than anyone. YET, they have no revelation of Him, and it makes all that knowledge void. (and interestingly enough, they too also wear headcoverings.)

  • Mom

    Reminds me of the women in Ruth praying a blessing over Naomi’s grandson (King David’s grandfather, lineage of Jesus). “May His name become famous”. Jewish scholars believe their prayer was seen when Queen Athaliah tried to wipe out all of her sons and grandsons so she could be heir to the throne but how young Joash’s life was spared. We need more of the prophetic prayers.

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