My 1st Guest Blogger Gig!

Today, I’m over here as a GUEST BLOGGER!  Yep, that’s right….my first gig as a guest blogger!

Not only am I excited for this cool opportunity, but I’m even more excited about WHY I was asked to be the guest. Here’s a little preview:

Do you remember life back in elementary school? (Some of you might have to think real hard!) 🙂

What were your favorite games? Who were your friends? What snacks did you like to eat?  Where did you hang out?

For me, growing up in a smaller-sized city in Eastern Michigan, I remember LOVING coming home after school… grabbing a snack… hopping on my bike…. and riding around with my friends.  Some days we would turn our garage into a roller rink and roller-skate around and around for hours, (With this info. you can probably age me easily).  In the winter, we would go out and play in the snow, building forts and having snowball fights.  Fall would mean lots of leaves, great for constructing huge piles in the yard and jumping in them.

Yes, I really have such fond memories of my childhood; but I have come to realize that in our world, growing up like that is one in a million. There are so many children who NEVER experience half the joys I had when I was young….

To read the rest, and find out the TRUE REASON for my presence as a guest blogger, click here.

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