Ode to the one-eyed cats.

Today as I was walking about here and there, I happened to notice a bunch of one-eyed cats, like three in a row.  Of course, seeing millions of cats a day is not anything new (read all about it in this Med. Monday if you need to catch up), but for some reason I noticed a lot of blinded cats today.

We are called to heal the sick and the blind, so does this extend to cats or animals in general??? How many of you have ever prayed for a pet?  A dog needing surgery? A horse who broke his leg?   (I’ve actually said a prayer or two for our dog, Tasha)

I’m sure its contraversial within the prayer realm… and for that matter healing in general is an issue many people don’t even agree upon; but as I was walking I couldn’t help shrug the thought that maybe I should just go lay hands on one of those cats. hehhehee (But then the grossness of their condition freaked me out and I quickly dismayed that thought…..forgive me, God.)

Sooooooo, Ode to all the one-eyed cats out there.  You may not have many people willing to pray healing upon you, but here is a special prayer for all of you today:

May your good eye be 20/20 vision, may it contain peripheral sight, and may you all see just as well as all those two-eyed cats tonight!

1 eyed cat

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6 responses to “Ode to the one-eyed cats.

  • Mom

    Very sweet prayer for them. Of course we would find ourselves praying for our pets as they are part of the family.

  • Joseph

    Pets are God’s creatures and prayer is OK with me for them.

    They are companions to millions and like family in most cases.

    We have a church here in Nashville that once a year has a prayer service for people to bring all of their animals to be blessed. People bring everything from cats and dogs to goats and on and on. It is so cool.

  • Kim

    friend … your heart and insights into matters amazes me! What great reminders to us all … in how God has you share.

    I 100% agree with Joseph (above). After all … they are God’s creations and He loves them just the same 😉

    I know in my family … we have always poured tons of love into our pets and farm animals alike, and they are definitely part of the “family”. May we continue to show God’s compassion to all of His creation.

  • Tim

    Millions of people depend on pets everyday. Enjoy them, and Love them!

  • moweezle

    A lot of foreigners don’t understand the “pet as family thing” cuz most don’t have the dogs and cats for pets. People I have talked to think we (Americans) are crazy for that. But yes, I love our pets too!

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