I hate being sick!

Wednesday I woke up not feeling so hot, with a sore throat.  I got up and went about my business, but throughout the day I kept feeling worse and worse.

I came home and drank and entire litre of Orange Juice and a huge bowl of soup. Didn’t help. By night I was sporting a fever.

Thursday morning I woke up and could barely swallow, my throat was so swollen. I had brought back some Children’s Cough Syrup from the States for my youth center, so since it was the only thing I had around the house I broke open bottle one of the bottles and drank most of it.  I also gargled warm salt water, which has helped in the past.  Then I went back to bed.

I didn’t go to my Hebrew or Arabic class, and I really hate missing class.  But it was necessary.

I pretty much just slept on and off all day, watched some Season 1 of Friends to help cheer me up, and read a little Max Lucado. And it helped.

Today I woke up without a fever. Without a sore throat. And with some energy.  I feel better!

But I still hate being sick!

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