What is prayer to me?

I’ve been dabbling in Max Lucado’s book, Fearless, whenever I have the opportunity; and yesterday, while I was in Celcom for more than 3 hours, I was able to read quite a bit.

Something he wrote regarding prayer grabbed a hold of me and hasn’t let go…

Prayer is the practice of sitting calmly in God’s lap and placing our hands on his steering wheel.  He handles the speed and hard curves and ensures safe arrival.  We offer our requests; we ask God to “take this cup away.”  This cup of disease, betrayal, financial collapse, joblessness, conflict, or senility.  Prayer is this simple.

He goes on to talk about how we overcomplicate the topic of prayer.

We prescribe words for prayer, places for prayer, clothing for prayer, postures for prayer; durations, intonations, and incantations.

And yet, it is the smallest, shortest, and most heart-felt prayers that, lately, I can only produce.



Thank You.

You know.

And He does.  He hears me and He knows my heart.  And for this and many other reasons, I am so THANKFUL for my אבא.

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9 responses to “What is prayer to me?

  • Joseph


    Prayer is something I really struggle with because I never feel that I am good at it.
    Here I am a public speaker, and if I have to do a public prayer I never know exactly what to say.
    My goal this year is to learn to pray. Sounds crazy I know, but I definitely need to learn how to do it better.

  • Danny Bixby

    Simple, powerful, effective.


  • CM

    Hmm, but He often takes a very roundabout route!

  • annie

    Oh, wow. Wonderful stuff here, Mo. Good munchings. I love that. I feel sometimes like I’m constantly battling (internally) the thought that I’m only responsible in my prayer if I pray every day, on a schedule, for a length of time and intensity, at a particular time of day, etc. Anything else is laziness and irresponsibility. Gol. And I wish that I had never been told that. But I know that is crazy wishing. Because I’ve come to discover that God isn’t anywhere near as hung up on those things as we are. Or rather … as some people are. Maybe scheduling prayer at a particular time of the morning works for a lot of people. It sure doesn’t for me. And all my life I’ve dealt with a certain amount of guilt over that. This past year especially though, He’s been showing me that He needs the ‘on the fly’ prayers just as much as the ‘regularly scheduled’ prayers. He needs the standing army just as much as the reserves. I wrote a post awhile back about this concept relating it to sex. 🙂 Maybe you’d like to read it. (http://callingtodeep.blogspot.com/2007/12/intimacy.html)

    Good thoughts, my friend.

    (And I loved that you posted in Hebrew! Yay!)

  • Brett Barner

    I loved this book. Easily my favorite read this year. It’s weird that I was thinking of this same thought yesterday. I know people really ride how we aren’t praying enough or as long (which I agree with), but that’s not what it’s all about. It’s about fervency or passion. I can pray 1million times before the day’s over, but if I didn’t mean or have any desire or belief in what I was saying, it would be useless. (hmm…I’ve heard this somewhere… :P) Prayer is about quality not quantity.

    Some of my most meaningful prayers to God was when I had absolutely nothing to say.

  • Marc

    thank you. that was such a nice (and needed) reminder.

  • pablo

    In my opinion faith is the key, the most important thing, and it´s also important to know we are praying according to His will, being guided by Him. Everything you wrote is true, praying is crucial for humans like breathing or even more; is good to remember that, in the midst of our activities. Shalom.

  • alece

    i tend to overcomplicate prayer, which keeps me from praying as often as i should. i need to remember more often that it’s just about simple heart-connection, and often one or two words or sentences suffices…

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