(One Day After) Thanksgiving Day Bliss

What began as a Freak-Out Thanksgiving, ended up a Fantastic one!  While there were a couple moments of doubt, skepticism and “There’s a bubble!” the moments of eating delicious turkey, stuffing (from scratch) mashed taters, sweet potatoes, cranberries (we actually had some, and fresh ones at that), and both pumpkin pie and apple crisp for desert erased all else.

I honestly think that getting the turkey fresh from the market is the key, cuz it was the best turkey I’ve ever had!!! (and I’m not just saying that because I cooked it).

Turns out that Becca makes the most amazing, incredible, mouth savoring Apple Crisp IN THE WORLD! We taught our friends from Finland/Holland/Israel all about Thanksgiving Day Traditions (including American Football, Chia Pets, and Aluminum Trees w/rotating light discs….don’t ask!) We played a bit of Texas Hold-Um using 10 Cent Shekels, and all in all, it was a wonderful day!  You wanted to see some pics, so here you go….

The infamous “tweezing” of the quills and feathers left on the turkey (I finally got smart and starting using my tweezer instead of killing my fingers):

Our guy Before and After:

(To see the entire Thanksgiving collection, click here)

Hope Everyone had as wonderful a day as I did!!! Now….on to Christmas/Chanukah!

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9 responses to “(One Day After) Thanksgiving Day Bliss

  • Katie

    everything looks tasty! I’m glad it went well 🙂

  • Mom

    Fresh does make a difference. We did that one year. And I wonder where your turkey came from? Perhaps a farm that doesn’t use the growth hormones and all that we have here for mass production.
    Now if I could just get Dad and Micheal to go out turkey hunting…!!!

  • alece

    i love the pic of you tweezing the turkey! classic!

    and apple desserts are my favorite… we didn’t have any for thanksgiving, and i’m seriously craving some. i’m gonna make sure that happens for christmas at least!

  • annie

    YAY!! I was thinking about you actually. Wondering if you were going to get any kind of a Thanksgiving celebration. I’m so glad you did!! 😀 Hoorah! Great job on the turkey. I think any meat freshly killed (as it was presumably) tastes better than anything else. Yum yum. I had some organic filet mignon once (was a gift) and it came frozen from the farm where they raised the beef. I imagine it was butchered and frozen immediately. That, along with the superior diet of the beef made it THE MOST AMAZING steak I have ever eaten. And I used to work at a steak house, so … I’ve had some beef in my time. 🙂 Yum yum. Wish I could have tasted your turkey!

  • Joyful

    Looks like you had a great day after all.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  • moweezle

    thx, everyone!

    (annie: I still have some turkey left over…shall I ship you some??? hehehe)

  • Jill

    Mmmmmmmmmm…..everything looked delicious, glad you had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Now what’s on the menu for Christmas/Chanukuh in case i need to book a flight!?!?

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