Help-Portrait Tel Aviv

I am super excited about an excursion I am putting together for this Friday, 11.12.09.  It’s actually a world-wide outreach happening on 12.12, but since 12.12 is Shabbat here, I need to do it one day early.

Help-Portrait is a way to give back to the community via photo’s.  To make a long explanation short, photographers will be offering their services free of charge to those in need.  We will be creating portraits as keepsakes for families who might not be able to afford professional pictures at all.

How am I getting involved???? I have decided to put together Help-Portrait Tel Aviv for the Sudanese/Eritrean Refugees who I work with.  Most of them have NO pictures what-so-ever of themselves and their families… and this is an excellent opportunity to give them this gift for the holidays.  I have been recruiting like crazy: volunteers to help out on Friday to come and give of their time and services.  We will also be providing gifts for the children, cookies, coffee, tea etc. A time to let them know that we love them and value them.

How can you help???? I need your prayers on Friday!!! I have literally put this thing together in less than a week, and its starting to crunch down on me.  The weather is calling for rain, and that will just complicate it even more.  I want this to be a blessing to them, but also not a burden to us.

Take a look... Here is the promo video from Help-Portrait, giving a background on how this all started:

A few other links you might want to check out:

The official Help-Portrait Tel Aviv group website

The facebook event I created

Can’t wait to see some smiling faces!


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7 responses to “Help-Portrait Tel Aviv

  • Joseph

    HEY…that was in Nashville!! woohooo…and the Nashville Rescue Mission. My church provides a ton of the volunteers that help out there which is wicked cool. The other piece was Hope Clinic I think…way cool…man do I love my city. Of course he was right by my favorite spot in all of Nashville…the arena, home of my Preds!

    OK, so I am totally in…prayers, check spreading the word, check anything else you need?

    • Joseph

      of course everyone will think I am only in because of the Nashville connection 🙂 🙂

      NOT TRUE..I am in because you always find a cool way to rock the missions!

      Hey new slogan for you…”Rock The Mission” a little music vibe there

      • moweezle

        ooooohhhhh. I like the Rock the Mission!!!! I can just see promo video in the making 🙂

        Its so cool that it started in Nashville. When i was watching the videos I was actually wondering if you had heard about it. I just got an email from them saying that there are over 600 locations in 58 countries signed up for this weekend!! Awesome!!!

  • BcBuckeye

    So M,

    Great , powerful idea…definitely going to be special to so many people. And wait, don’t look now, but a little by little, it’s YOU who is bringing a bit of Christmas to the desert!!!

  • Grace Kaleda

    Maureen…what an amazing and practical way to serve and bless the folks you are serving in Tel-Aviv. I have been and will continue to pray for this very special day you have pulled together. It has really touched my heart…as growing up we were pretty poor. I come from a large family….there were 6 of us kids and our parents. We don’t have a single family picture of us all together. When I got your event info boy it made me think about what I would give today to have just a single picture of my family all together.

    So, thank you so much for putting yourself out there and making this event happen for those who have so little. I know you have so much responsibility with school and ministry. I’ll pray the Lord would just pour out an extra measure of His strength for the tasks of the day. Shine on!!

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