Who’s right, who’s wrong?

We were discussing women and fashion during my Ottoman Empire class this week, while looking at some old newspaper cartoons of how fashion was expressed during the day, and what it meant as a cultural statement.  This one was my favorite, for various reasons, but for the most part it still holds true for today.

The way we judge others and their fashion/culture has not changed so much since the Ottoman Empire, and I might even be as bold as say that its gotten even worse.

This cartoon says it all!  Its translated from the original Arabic to English at the bottom, but you’ll notice that both the Muslim lady and the European one are basically saying the same thing to each other, without us knowing exactly who is saying what.

When was the last time you passed judgement on someone because they didn’t look or dress like you THINK they should? Do you realize that while you are passing judgement on them, they could just as well be passing judgement on you? This is dealing with much more than just fashion here…

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7 responses to “Who’s right, who’s wrong?

  • alece

    toes officially stepped on! i am FAR too quick to judge. (and i’m not just talking fashion either…)

  • Cara

    We are “waiting” for the same thing…wanna wait together 😉

  • Joseph

    Nice piece Mo.

    Wow…tough to admit but I probably do it all the time. I try not to pass judgment or be critical of others but it just happens.

  • Theresa

    I just did it last week. There is a daughter of a friend that came into my work. I just couldn’t believe that she was out of her house dressed like that.

    Not a nice feeling. I even realized it when I was doing it. Ouch.

  • moweezle

    yes…well unfortunately, I’m as guilty as the next person!

  • Jon Zondervan

    as many “what not to wear” episodes as i’ve watched, I feel like i have “pass fashion judgment” credentials that are impeccable=)

    JK of course, it’s so easy to do. Doesn’t James warn against that? times haven’t changed much.

  • donna o

    Having lived among a particular “sect” of people that not only do this, but encourage it on a daily basis, it pains me to know that I have fallen and still do fall into this temptation. I am ever so grateful He pulled my from this life, but I know the pain I caused to others with that nasty judgmental spirit. I needed a reminder today “from whence I came”. Thanks!

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