If money were no object…

Being the fashion lover that I am, I subscribe to the InStyle and Vogue fashion blogs to see the newest and latest in fashion. One of my favorite sections on InStyle is something they call “We’re Obsessed! If money were no object….”

I love looking at the amazing shoes and boots, the incredible jewelry, and the “must haves” of the season; but it all comes with a catch.  Each item is designer made, making a pair of Swarovski Idomeneo Crystal Pocket Binoculars a mere $1000. Or what about a Judith Leiber Maharaja Elephant Minaudier (basically a small clutch) only $6,000.

I mean, come on…. are you kidding me?  $1000 for a pair of binoculars??? With that elephant evening clutch you can feed an entire African village for a year!

To most of us living on this earth, “if money were no object” will never be a phrase we can actually completely comprehend.  Money IS an object; and unfortunately, one that speaks loudly about how we live our lives.

When was the last time you looked on a website and saw the header, “if money were no object….” and the items were something like:  Build a school for orphans in India: $6,000… or Send a homeless alcoholic to rehab for 6 months: $1,000.  How many of us would actually keep on scrolling through the list, wishing we had the money to purchase our favorite option… or would we go back to wondering if those boots would look good with our favorite pair of jeans?

I know I’ve been guilty.

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6 responses to “If money were no object…

  • Tim

    It is funny how money revolves around everything, but we never look at the real problems out there. Well spoken Maureen!

  • David Cook

    I live with a recovering fashionista … my dear and only daughter Courtney. She has two two-year degrees, one associate in arts and one in fashion merchandizing. She was preparing to complete a four-year marketing degree, but something happened last spring … a spiritual renaissance that continues to transform her and amaze and baffle her father.

    She was managing the Uptown Boutique http://www.shoptheub.com/ an upscale boutique voted #1 in Kansas City by those in the industry. She was also doing some modeling on the side http://www.voicesand.com/models/women/cook/cookpic03.html

    Fashion magazines galore were constantly being recycled from her room to make more room for the latest. The owner of the UB gave her perks for doing some modeling and working on fashion shows with expensive dresses, accessories and specialty items. Plus she new when the big sales were with things marked down… her closet was stuffed to the gills.

    But last last spring she wanted a break from fashion, working in the retail industry, modeling everything. She worked at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado at the front desk. Her roommate was also on a spiritual quest, Courtney and others shared their faith in Jesus as Lord and her roommate decided to become a follower of Jesus. Courtney is herself seeking, growing but giving away what she has learned and mentoring. She is becoming more authentic in her life and her fashion, an interesting mix of Colorado granola girl with a bohemian flare and other nuances for flavor.

    Just before Christmas she cleaned out her room threw away most of her fashion mags and cut her wardrobe in half. I think there are some very excited girls in Independence who have gone to thrift stores over the holidays.

    She decided to take a semester off, seek God and is working as a barista at a coffee and wine bar with many other believers who are her coworkers and many come in just to have breakfast and evening Bible studies.

    Courtney seems more a peace with herself, her family and friends and her Creator, she is more beautiful than ever.
    Less is more.

    “But godliness with contentment is great gain.” 1 Timothy 6:6 NIV

    Last night we were walking around “Bass Pro” out of the snowy winter wonderland and enjoying the fireplace and outdoor stuff. Courtney saw a very cool leather purse she loved but decided to wait and pray about it.

  • Joseph

    Very true…

    It is how society has set it up and unfortunately how we have evolved.

    I’m guilty of it as well. Usually when I have extra cash the first thing I think is “oooh, what can I go get”

    New thought today…who can I help?

    Love it!!!

  • Anne Lang Bundy

    Your point is well taken and well made.

    This is one of the reasons I have no shame about shopping thrift stores or garage sales for hidden treasure. I have more important places to invest earthly wealth, even if it’s just the music lessons for my kids.

  • Jill

    Oh such a good reminder, I am sooo guilty! But it’s a new year and a good thing to keep in mind and live by this year! Thanks!!

  • sheila

    Great post! If money were no object I would first try to catch up on some bills. I couldn’t see buying something silly with it. I don’t have any money now and I don’t buy anything crazy..and that’s fine. The guilt would eat me alive, lol.

    Yes, this one is (pardon the pun) right on the money.

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