Fearless: by Max Lucado

Once again, Max does not disappoint with his new book, Fearless.  He is able to take many current-day situations that cause many of us fear, and break them down in a way that only Max could.  There were so many “I can relate to thatmoments“, which is what I absolutely adore about his writing.

I thought I would try something a little different with this review, so I picked out some of my favorite “nuggets” placed throughout the pages….

  • Prayer is the practice of sitting calmly in God’s lap and placing our hands on his steering wheel.  He handles the speed and hard curves and ensures safe arrival.  And we offer our requests; we ask God to “take this cup away.” This cup of disease, betrayal, financial collapse, joblessness, conflict, or senility. Prayer is this simple.
  • Courage is fear that has said its prayers.
  • Everything will work out in the end.  If it’s not working out, it’s not the end.
  • Fear loves a good stampede.  Fear’s payday is blind panic, unfounded disquiet, and sleepless nights.  Fear’s been making a good living lately.
  • Acknowledge threats but refuse to be defined by them.

And, probably my favorite part is when he writes about us putting Christ in a box. I loved how he looked back, and examined this trend from the very time he walked on this earth.

His Palestinian contemporaries tried, mind you.  They designed an assortment of boxes.  But he never fit one.  They called him a revolutionary; then he paid his taxes.  They labeled him a country carpenter, but he confounded scholars.  They came to see his miracles, but he refused to cater.  He defied easy definitions.  He was a Jew who attracted Gentiles.  A rabbi who gave up on synagogues.  A holy man who hung out with streetwalkers and turncoats.  In a male-dominated society, he recruited females.  In an anti-Roman culture, he opted not to denounce Rome.  He talked like a king yet lived like a pilgrim.  People tried to designate him.  They couldn’t.  We still try.

Read this book!  You’ll be glad you did…


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