TII #7: Shabat Shalom, Elvis.

My flat mate and I had a hilarious TII (This is Israel) moment this morning on the way to congregation. Since there are no busses running on Shabat, the only means of transportation are either cars or taxis.  I don’t have a car, hence the taxi is my only option. There are two types of taxis in IZ, sheruts (large van type taxis) or a regular taxi.  Sheruts are a fixed price and route per passenger, and this is what I usually take. BUT, because its Shabat, the sheruts cut down on numbers, making it difficult to find one.

66 is the sherut I can take all the way to congregation, but by the time it gets to me its almost always full.  I’ve seriously had to wait over an hour just to find one with a space.  This morning was no different.  We were not having luck getting a sherut.

Then, all of a sudden, after another full sherut passed us along came a taxi.  The driver saw that we were trying to catch a 66 so he stratigically place a 66 sign in his dashboard window.  GENIUS!  We were cracking up so hard.  And, he was only charging 1 more shekel more than the regular sherut.  We jumped in only to notice on the other side that it had a 51 (the other route of another sherut).  This guy really knows what he’s doing.

The driver was classic, I must say….  looked and sounded like Spicolli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High with black hair.  After he picked up another passenger a few meters down the road we were asked if we know Elvis.

Know Elvis? Who doesn’t know Elvis? Anyways…to make a long story short, our taxi driver was ALSO an Elvis Impersonator.  He whipped out photos of him in full costume to prove his claims (and the pictures were AWESOME!!) then put in his Elvis CD for our listening pleasure.

After much laughing and giggling from us in the backseat, we arrived at our destination.

Who would have known that we would encounter a taxi driver by day and Elvis by night…..and who says the king is dead?!?

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