Capturing Moments: A comical view from my window

You have to look VERY closely at this picture to be able to pick anything out, but this so resembles my life as of now.  This is the view from my window, looking down to the lot below. On the very left is the TV and crowded all around it are little heads of Sudanese men, watching.  It is actually a Sudanese bar, and anytime there is a futbol (soccer) game on, they all gather and watch it.  Its soooo African style: old couches, chairs, and tables, and junk all around, but no one caring at all.  They blast the TV, and if I stand at the window I can see/hear play by play.  Its comical is what it is.  I apologize for the quality of the picture, but its a last minute IPhone pic. (and its very dark) hehehehe.

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6 responses to “Capturing Moments: A comical view from my window

  • Bcbuckeye

    Forget about the picture. Get down there and pull up a seat on one of those comfy couches. I guarantee somebody buys you a drink and then it’s futbol time-Get it On!!!

    • moweezle

      HA! I can guarantee you the minute I walk in that place a deafening silence accompanied with shock and awe would occur on the faces of each and everyone of them! Now that would just be awesome!!! I will have to suck it up and head on down next time, just for you 🙂

  • Theresa

    I just love you and your outlook!!


  • Joseph


  • judi

    Mo, I just caught up with your posts! Were you especially blessed by your time in Africa? It is “interesting” that so much of your life in Tel Aviv reminds you of your service there! I know Kim was blest during her two weeks there a few years ago. We’ll be praying for you tonight (Thurs). God bless, Judi

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