The Warehouse

Ohhhh, how I have come to love a little place I like to call simply, The Warehouse. To passerby’s on the street its nothing but an old torn-down building locked up with nothing inside; but to me, its become a treasure trove of old junk, full of possibilities.

How did I come to find such a place you might wonder?  Well, the owners are trying to rent it out, and if someone actually does rent it one day, they will have to get rid of all the crap inside.  (and yes…there’s LOTS of it in there). So, in the meantime I’m allowed to go and pick out anything I want. I have already found a super nice set of dishes (after bleaching and soaking them for a day) a dresser, some wicker baskets, a Michael Jackson LP (and a record player to accompany it) and some other things as well.

Today, though, I would like to emphasize one item in particular that I stumbled across in The Warehouse.  When I saw it and figured out what it was, I was pretty shocked to say the least.


Yes!  Not only does this baby catch the mouse….it fries it too.  There’s no chance taking here.  They really want that mouse dead. Take a look:

As you can see the cord is attached to the device inside and can be plugged into any normal socket…

Poor little mouse…won’t know what hit him till its too late if he crawls in here.

The Warehouse is full of tiny, new surprises each time I go there.  Who knows what I’ll find next!

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