Brain Blockage

As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t been writing much in the past month.  I could use all the excuses of being busy with work, school, life etc., (which are all true) but the biggest truth is this:

I just don’t know what to write!

I have NEVER had problems writing before; usually its a matter of what NOT to write.  But I’m suffering with a major brain blockage!

And the worst part is that its not just blogging…. its stemming from the THREE MAJOR PAPERS I have to write for school.  I’m down to my last few weeks, and sadly I must admit I haven’t started on ANY of them!

It’s not like I don’t want to.  I sit down to write and nothing comes.  I research topics I think about discussing and nothing feels right.

I’m Frustrated. Stressed. Annoyed. and most of all Wordless!

How do I get over this Brain Blockage????

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6 responses to “Brain Blockage

  • David Cook

    Writer’s block ahhh yes!?! Ummmm what to write about…ahhh…well, let’s see. Normally, I might say take a vacation, that might inspire you but I know you just got back from Egypt so that won’t work. Another thing is try doing one of your favorite things for a diversion like getting your nails done or go to the saloon, but you just did that. Maybe go have coffee with a friend let them know your assignments and just brain storm with someone. Not that you will necessarily like their ideas per se, but it may be the impetus to get your head processing what you would like to write about. Different strokes for different folks so this probably won’t work for you. Sometimes, I get up put on comfy clothes that I like, make some good coffee and open up a word document and begin to brain storm. I google things online and jot down notes in MS Word. Then I might go take a walk and think a little about stuff. Then I might write a sentence or paragraph where I think I would like to venture off to. Sometimes I put down a few possible points that may or may not work for the outline. Then I dive off and hope the wind gives the hang glider lift. Then I just start writing, not worrying about how it does or doesn’t sound or punctuation just typing away like riding a runaway black stallion. Then I leave it alone. Later, perhaps a day; I come back and reread what I wrote and ignore the negative self-talk in my head of how bad it is so I don’t delete it. Then I begin doing revisions, move things around, add to and / or condense. Then at last punctuation and try to add a gleaming detail to sound like a expert or that I know a little what I’m writing about.

    • moweezle

      funny cuz I just went out for a long walk last night to clear my head. Then I went shopping for a new hat this morning and I think I’m actually ready to start writing something….. lol Shopping//hair salon//coffee shop: girls ways of dealing with stress I guess. hehehehe

    • moweezle

      ohhhh, and I forgot popcorn!!! Its a staple snack for me when I’m stressed, but it works wonders. hehehe

    • notjustlaura

      Just an idea (which I haven’t actually tried myself). A counsellor once advised me to try ‘morning pages’. She said that one should just sit down with blank paper and a pen and *write* first thing in the morning. You either do it for a set time or until you’ve filled a set number of pages (she suggested 15 minutes or 3 sheets). You write about anything – ‘I don’t know what to write. I hate this. I still don’t know what to write …’ – the important thing is to take the thoughts in your head and write them down. And when the timer goes or the pages are full you can stop. She said that the exercise helped free up blockages and would make it easier to write what you’re *meant* to be writing – whether that’s creative writing or an assignment.

      • Theresa

        I love this idea. I haven’t blogged since St. Patrick’s Day. I think I will start ramble writing in the morning!!

        Praying for Blockage Freedom for you Mo!!!

  • Joseph

    I understand. That is tough.

    What I have found to work for me is to sit with friends over a cup of coffee and brainstorm. Don’t write down anything more than single words. Then if something hits that sparks an interest, start expanding in it right then with friends to help fill in some initial blanks.

    Just an idea. You could sit down over some falafel in lieu of coffee I suppose.

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