Terrible Week Update

First of all I want to thank all of your for your encouraging comments and prayers!!! If you think leaving a short memo doesn’t help, think again!!! It soooooooo helped me get through the week!

Here’s a few updates on the situation from my last post:

1. The papers: I finished the most important one in 4 days!!! I still have 2 more to write, but the stress of writing them has lifted a bit.

2. My dog: Its been over a week since he disappeared, and I’m finally coming to terms that he probably won’t be back.  I still haven’t put away his food or water bowl, but my heart is healing from the loss.

3. The attack: I’ve actually had a couple of people offer to get me pepper spray and go with me to the police station to request a taser.

4: Hebrew/Arabic: I took my Final for Hebrew and I think I did ok.  It was difficult, but its over!!! Arabic is in a few weeks, so I’m still focusing on that.

This past weekend was a good one for me.  I spent time with friends, relaxed a little, and prepared myself mentally for what coming ahead.  I’m still a bit emotional, but then again…. I’m a GIRL!  That’s our thing, being a bit emotional 😉

Love all of you!!!!

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9 responses to “Terrible Week Update

  • jon Zondervan

    I’m the first to leave a comment!!!! I am praying for you Mo, and your ability to persevere and Lean into God is an inspiration to all of us. Stay strong, you labor is not in vain!!!

  • Kat

    Hey Mo!

    Congrats on getting through the tough paper and Hebrew final! I know you’ll do great on the rest of your school work. I’m praying for you, lady!

    Much love,


  • bcbuckeye


    Good to hear that you had a great weekend. Hanging with friends can definitely boost you up!! And for what it’s worth, over on this side of the pond alot of people are pulling for you. Your doing some great things over there and the smiles/excitement you create among those you work with is priceless!!

    And here is something to ponder: Would a fly without wings be called a “walk”?

  • Pri

    i can get you more than a taser if you need it, i have cousins 🙂 hahaha
    praying for you mo and know that the Lord will use ALL things for good! because you love Him!

    keep your eyes on Jesus 🙂

    love ya!

  • Joseph

    Hey Mo! OK, terrible web friend here…somehow I missed the whole attack thing…dang it. SOOOOO glad to hear you punched him and got him away from you.

    PLEASE be careful. We love our Mo!

    Thinking about you and just know everything you do means so much to this world!

  • Theresa

    Bummed about your dog. Glad that you are doing ok though.

  • pablo

    Last time I was here you didn´t have a dog, now you don´t have a dog; you wanted to know if it was right to buy a pepper spray but you didn´t buy the pepper spray,you have the punch spray that seems to be very effective.

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