The year I graduated.

Wow, that was a long time ago, yet at moments seems like just yesterday.  It’s funny, cuz when I look back at who I was then, seems like I’m someone completely different today.  But, the truth is, I’m not.

People tell me all the time, how much I’ve changed since high school…. but it’s not necessarily me who has changed so drastically, its my actions.  I’m still the same opinionated, strong-willed (sometimes crazy) girl that I was….the difference is I’m just not DOING what I used to do all the time back then.  I think I’ve learned to channel my inner qualities to a better use, and thats the difference.

So, what does that have to do with now??? This weekend back home there is a huge school-wide shindig for anyone who graduated from my High School.  They are tearing down the old building to make room for the new, upgraded model. It’s a time for everyone to come say goodbye to the old and re-live their high school memories, and a bunch of my high school friends are going back for the occasion.

I’m just bummed that I can’t be there. No re-living memories for me.

Whether its the “old” me or the “new” me or a combination of both, there’s one thing I know for sure.  It’s the first time I’ve actually been homesick for my high school…..

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6 responses to “1993

  • Sarah W

    Our town also just had one of those large class reunions last weekend. I wished I had been home for it (though I heard it was a bit lame) too. One day, someone will invent one of those teleporters!:) Beam me up Scotty!

  • Tim

    Really wish I could help! I know how it feels to be “homesick”, and I only live 8 hours away. I can only imagine how it feels being halfway around the world. I did look at Delta, but then I could not believe how many miles it takes to fly out of there and back, more than I could ever dream of having. The offer always stands, we will never use them, just wish I had more miles to offer you!

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  • Jon Zondervan

    Great year to graduate, that’s when I toted the cap and gown too!!!!!! Can’t say I miss High School very often though=)

  • Theresa

    1993…My Son was born. 🙂

    It is so weird to think back to high school. Just recently a group has decided to do an 8th grade reunion. So in August I get to go see a bunch of people I haven’t seen in……well….alot of years. Should be interesting.

    Homesickness can really suck.

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