When Friendship Hurts

I love my friends! They are a HUGE part of my life, and I know how much I need them.  I’m not married, my family lives a million miles away, so what I depend on are my friendships….

…these past two weeks I’ve been dealing with some not-so-pleasant issues with a friend of mine, and when all was said and done my conclusion was this: friendship hurts.

And I’ll admit it… I was really hurt.

The independent part of me just wants to let it go and move on, while the dependent part wants to try and work it out. I’m conflicted about the whole situation, and unsure how to proceed.

I know that relationships are difficult, and those include friendships too; but sometimes I just wish they didn’t involve pain.  It would make life so much easier.


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7 responses to “When Friendship Hurts

  • Joseph

    Good friendships like good marriages are tough. Sometimes things need to be said or done that are not pleasant but ultimately strengthen that relationship.

    “True” friends always can work things out although the process might not be too much fun.

  • @ngie

    Oh, Maureen, I am so sorry to hear that you have to deal with the added stress of relationship conflicts on top of your already demanding life. You are right, relationships are fragile and have to be handled delicately. I pray that you will be led by the Spirit as you walk through this tough time.

  • Bcbuckeye

    What up? Not sure if I got great advice here, but this is what “Whodini” would say…….


    How many of us have them?


    Ones we can depend on


    How many of us have them?


    Before we go any further, lets be


    Is a word we use everyday

    Most the time we use it in the wrong way

    Now you can look the word up, again and again

    But the dictionary doesnt know the meaning of friends

    And if you ask me, you know, I couldnt be much help

    Because A friend is somebody you judge for yourself

    Some are ok, and they treat you real cool

    But some mistake kindness for bein a fool

    We like to be with some, because they’re funny

    Others come around when they need some money

    Some you grew up with, around the way

    And you’re still real close too this very day

    Homeboys through the Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall

    And then there’s some we wish we never knew at all

    And this list goes on, again and again

    But these are the people that we call friends

    Be safe and Smile!!

  • annie

    WAH! Sorry for friend problems. Can’t even imagine that. Great friends are about as close to heaven on earth as one can get, I think.

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