You’re what?!?

I’m American.  To most of you it seems ridiculous that I would even have to mention it, but surprisingly, many people I meet don’t think so.

Yesterday, I was on the bus when a guy and his (amazingly, beautiful) dog got on and sat next to me.  We both got off at our respected stops and that was that.  Then, a couple hours later, as I was heading back home we ended up being on the same sherrut.  When we saw each other, we laughed a little, then said hi.  He asked me where I was from and I said, ‘United States’.  He replied, “Really?  I thought you were from Germany.”

Now, Germany isn’t one I’ve gotten before, but Europe in general is a norm. When I lived in Brasil, people thought ALL the time that I was French.  I never understood it, but what I’ve been told is that its my accent.  When I speak Portuguese or Hebrew or whatever language I don’t have a typical American accent.  Even when I speak English now, I don’t have much of one either.  It’s wierd.

I mean, its been a looong time since I lived in the States, and culturally you pick up and loose things along the way. When people ask me, I often tell them my is from Brasil…sometimes I still feel more Brazilian than American.  After being here for nearly two years, I have definitely picked up some Israeli traits.  And yes, even Africa has left some nitches in my personality (I still say ‘shame’ waaaay to much).

So, even though I am American by birth and nationality, the truth is I’m more of an eclectic pot of cultures.  So when someone asks me where I’m from, I always say United States…. though I’m thinking something a little bit different in my mind!

And on that note: World Cup Fever! I never got into futebol until the Brazilian lifestyle required it, and now I’m a complete nut!  Sorry USA, I will root for you when you play….as long as its not against my TRUE team: BRASIL!  Some things in life are just not negotiable 😉

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