To The Keep

I’m a huge Lord of the Rings Fan.  I remember reading The Hobbit way back in 8th grade for a book report, then continuing on to read the trilogy after.  The movies are great, and the books are even better….

Last weekend I felt like I was walking through a Lord of the Rings moment.  We took a road trip up to Mt. Hermon, the tallest mountain in Israel, to explore around Nimrod’s Fortress.  It’s like walking onto the movie set, without the set. The ancient, Middle Ages ruins are just amazing!  I can only imagine what they looked like back in the 13th Century, when it was constructed.

If you ever have the chance to visit Nimrod’s Fortress, I highly suggest it. Here’s a few pictures from the day: (the entire collection can be found on my travel photography website)

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7 responses to “To The Keep

  • Poliana

    Beautiful photos! I love your blog!



  • Joseph

    I work with Nimrods does that count?

  • Joseph

    This really is crazy cool.

  • BcBuckeye


    Great looking shots..looks like a great day for your tour. Going to places like that are intriguing because they are “soaking” with history. When you stop for a moment to think about all the things that have happened before us and all those that shall happen after, we are able to briefly grasp the greatness of God. It is why my favorite place to be is in the buzzing Italian metropolis of Rome!!

    As far as LOTR is concerned, I’m right with ya’…can’t tell ya how many times I’ve seen the movies or instances I’ve felt to be in a Frodo or Pippin moment. And here a favorite quote of mine from the movie which I seem to live by also:

    Gandalf: “A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to”

    –Be Safe

  • Judi

    Mo, I visited this same site in ’08, my second trip to Israel. Nimrod’s Castle is an amazing place – but what site in Israel isn’t amazing!!!

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