I’m spent!

I’ve been soooo tired lately!  I don’t know if it’s the heat, the pressure, the stress, or what, but my body has just been exhausted.  I’ve been sleeping more than normal, taking naps whenever I can fit them in, and it still doesn’t seem like enough.  I know people say the more sleep you get, the more you want…and that sure is true for me!  I’m spent!

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6 responses to “I’m spent!

  • notjustlaura

    Oh, I know that feeling! I have Bipolar Disorder and can cycle between that ‘spent’ feeling you describe and bouncing around at two in the morning. The best thing I’ve found is to keep to a regular, scheduled bed-time and getting up time. But, if this hasn’t happened to you before you may want to have a Dr check for a physical reason – I don’t know what access you have to medical facilities at the moment. You’re in my prayers.

  • KSA

    I am so sorry. You will be in my thoughts. Remember the REAL source of Rest and Re-creation.

  • George Sleezer

    I’m praying for you Mo! Check out Isaiah 41:10

  • David Cook

    The heat alone is enough to exhaust us and cause us to need more sleep than normal. I have certainly noticed that this summer in Missouri. When combined with ongoing pressure and stress this can leave one more depleted. You might consider taking a “whole food” multi-vita-men (not one from synthetic sources) if you are not currently doing so. Plus, add in a little more “down time” to de-stress until you bounce back.

  • Joseph

    I am with you. Totally get it as I have been working on our corporate budgets for weeks and am toast at this point. Cannot wait to have some normal days 🙂

  • Faith Barista Bonnie

    I am constantly giving myself permission to just catch up on my sleep.. nap, bumming, and just staring at the ceiling, as I lay in bed. Of course, treat myself to a pastry and some decaf. 😉

    You’re doing so much for so many… it’s important to take care of YOU! : xxoo…

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