If you follow my blog, you know about what happened to my dog, Thaljee, and the heartbreak it caused me.  Since then, I’ve been wanting to get another dog, but debating the whole situation.

One day I was talking with Rivkah, the little girl I work with, and she told me she is afraid of dogs.  I asked her what animals she likes and she said, ‘bunnies’.  The funny thing is, I had seen a bunny a while back up in the town of Akko, and thought I should get one.  They are cute, cheap, less maintenance, and not as messy.  I hadn’t seen any down here in Tel Aviv, but the next day I passed by a pet store so close to my house with bunnies in the window.

So I made the decision.

Not only is she adorable, she’s a hoot!  When I let her out of her cage she sometimes goes wild, running and hopping all over the floor rug.  She’s not too fond of the slippery floor yet, but she will adjust.

So…. here’s my new addition: Kneesaa:


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